The Big Game of the Week on 103-FXD – Marquette Redmen Playoff Hockey (6) VS Kingsford Flivvers (3) 3/2/2017

The Marquette Redmen Hockey team defeats the Kingsford Flivvers 6-3 for the Big Game of the Week on 103-FXD - Thursday, March 2nd.

Marquette, MichiganMarch 2nd, 2017 – The big game of the week was heard on 103-FXD with Marquette Redmen Playoff Hockey from the Lakeview Arena! John Thomsen and Joe Gaffney brought you all the action from Marquette on Thursday night. The Marquette Redmen were out on the ice with the Kingsford Flivvers. The Redmen Hockey team came out on top with a win over the Kingsford Flivvers, 6-3.

First period as the pucks drops at the Lakeview Arena in Marquette with John Thomsen and Joe Gaffney on 103-FXD. We were ready for some playoff hockey! The puck was loose and it was a quick shot for Marquette. Kingsford had several nice opportunities for a nice shot. The Marquette Redmen changed up all 5 players with 13:25 to go in the first period on the ice as both teams were scoreless. The Marquette Redmen took control of the puck. Tanner Phillips won the draw.

The Flivvers have out-shot the Redmen 8-3. The Kingsford Flivvers lead the Marquette Redmen in the first period 1-0 in playoff hockey. 2 heavy shots by the Marquette Redmen and both teams were tied up, 1-1. Ryan Morrisey had a great shot for the Marquette Redmen! Nice breakout pass and the Marquette Redmen answer back with a score of 2-2 against the Kingsford Flivvers. We wrap up 1 period as the Redmen and Flivvers were tied up, 2-2.

Just over 2 minutes into the second period and the score was 2-2. Down to the 12 minute mark into the second period the Redmen and Flivvers maintained a score of 2-2. Joe Phillips gets the go ahead and the Marquette Redmen get their first lead over the Kingsford Flivvers of the night, 3-2. Nice play by Sophomore Goaltender Trevor Anderson. The Kingsford Flivvers entered the zone with 1:27 left in a penalty to the Marquette Redmen. After 2 periods the Marquette Redmen hold on to their lead over the Kingsford Flivvers, 3-2.

Start of the third period the Kingsford Flivvers were not able to get the puck out of the zone. With 2 minutes to go in the third period the Marquette Redmen only have a one goal lead over the Kingsford Flivvers, 3-2. Ryan Morrisey gets his second goal of the game with a shot! John Thomsen said “He’s come alive!” The Redmen lead the Kingsford Flivvers, 4-2. Power play goal by the Flivvers and the score was 4-3. 5:30 to go in the third period and the Redmen lead the Flivvers, 5-3. Another score on the ice with 6 goals for the Marquette Redmen as they lead the Kingsford Flivvers, 6-3.

Final score as the Marquette Redmen defeat the Kingsford Flivvers in playoff hockey, 6-3!

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