Marquette Redmen Top Rival Eskymos 50-21 On 103.3 WFXD

Team Warm Ups

Escanaba, MI September 10, 2021 The Marquette Redmen were on the road Friday night. They traveled south to face their Great Northern Conference rival, Escanaba Eskymos. The game was broadcast live on 103.3 WFXD and streamed online.

1Q: The Redmen received the opening kickoff from the Eskymos. Marquette opted to start things on the ground. Two quick hitting plays for back-to-back first downs by Desmond Mullen led to his third straight carry. However the Eskymo defense would pry the ball loose and take over on offense.

Escanaba started their series in similar fashion. They started with their running game, but they soon went to the air. After 3 straight attempts by Eskymo quarterbanck, Casey Bray, no catches led to the Eskymos turning the ball over on downs.

Marquette followed suit by opening their air attack. A poor throw by Austin Ridl would be intercepted early in the series and the Eskymos were able to get right back on offense. The Redmen defense was able to hold tough causing a 3-and-out. Marquette caught a break when Escanaba sent the punter a low snap, and the punter downed themselves in the backfield. Marquette took over on Escanaba’s 31yd line.

After the Redmen were pushed to a 3rd and 24, the Marquette offense faked a screen leading to Austin Ridl to throw over the top to Owen Beauchamp for a 45yd touchdown. Marquette took the lead over the Eskymos 7-0.

Esky Crowd
Esky Crowd

2Q: Escanaba started the quarter on third down. They converted and continued their way into Marquette territory. After a 21yd reception by Ben Johnson from Carson Bray the Eskymos were knocking on the door to score. Tailback Karson Krutina would power up the middle to hit paydirt from four yards out.

Following the score, the Redmen took over on offense. They marched their way down to midfield before having to punt on fourth down. After a fumbled snap, Marquette gave the ball back to the Eskymos without punting away.  The very next play, the Eskymo tailback fumbled the ball. It was picked up by Marquette’s Owen Beauchamp and he ran all the way down for a Redmen touchdown. The 2pt-conversion was no good by Marquette, 13-7.

The Eskymos set up to receive the kickoff, but fumbled the return and was recovered by the Redmen. Austin Ridl then kept his foot on the gas throwing downfield to, Peter Closner for a 36yd reception. The very next play the same connection was made for a 14yd touchdown reception for Closner, and bringing the score to 21-7 after Dustin Lohfink converted the 2pt attempt.

The Redmen were able to score once more before the end of the first half. After chipping away at the Eskymo defense, Austin Ridl was able to hit a strike to David Eberhard for 34 yards. Marquette would keep it in the air hitting Closner with the bubble screen for 15 yards, and ended with Eberhard catching a 25yd pass for the score. Escanaba had one last chance before the end of the half but came up without a score. Both teams went to the locker room with Marquette in the lead, 28-7.

Marquette v Escanaba
Marquette v Escanaba

3Q: Escanaba started the second half of play ready to receive the kickoff. After a decent return the offense was ready to get things rolling. On the third snap of the series the Eskymos fumbled the ball, and it was recovered by Marquette. The Redmen made their way downfield and ended the drive with a 4yd scamper by Desmond Mullen for the touchdown.

The Eskymo’s weren’t able to get their offense going at all. Marquette’s defense was able to keep holding tough causing another 3-and-out for Escanaba. The Redmen weren’t stopping at all however. After making their way into Eskymo territory the offense took to the air once again. Austin Ridl hit Owen Beauchamp and his casted hand for a 28yd touchdown. Desmond Mullen hit the endzone for the two-point conversion, and causing the running clock with the 43-7 Marquette lead.

Marquette wasn’t able to keep the Eskymo offense quiet forever. After working their way downfield quarterback Casey Bray was able to find Scott Hiller for a 26yd touchdown reception. Escanaba was able to close the gap a bit making the score, 43-14. The score was able to close the gap enough to end the running clock.

Eskymos v Redmen
Eskymos v Redmen

4Q: The home team was looking to build momentum off their score heading into the final quarter of play. The Eskymos were able to put some plays together and found themselves knocking on the door. Krutina got the ball and went straight up the gut to punch in for the Eskymo score. The point after attempt was good making the score, 43-21 in favor of the Redmen.

Escanaba kept fighting back on offense. After converting a couple 3rd downs Casey Bray found Scott Hiller for a 26yd touchdown reception. The Redmen would then take the wind right out of Escanaba’s sails.  Desmond Mullen broke off a huge 27yd run to put Marquette into Eskymo territory. That would be followed up by Nate Benninger showing off his elusiveness with a 37yd run for a touchdown. A successful point after made the score, 50-21 with over half the quarter left to play.

After another offensive series with no points, the Escanaba Eskymos fell to the Marquette Redmen by a score of 50-21.

Player of the Game: Peter Closner, Marquette


The Redmen are back on the field next Friday night. They’ll be hosting the Kingsford Flivvers in a big conference match-up. The Elder Agency Pregame will start at 6:20pm with the kickoff to follow at 7pm live on 103.3 WFXD!