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Marquette JV Redette Basketball – Marquette Redettes (68) VS Menominee Maroons (20) on Fox Sports Marquette 2/23/2017

Marquette, MichiganFebruary 23rd, 2017 – It was the first round of futures games on Fox Sports Marquette. A match-up Thursday night between the Redettes and the Maroons of Menominee. The Redettes get the advantage and score early with 6 minutes in the first quarter, 5-0 over the Maroons.

30 second time out called by the Maroons as they trailed the Redettes, 5-3. With 3:37 in the first quarter both teams were tied up 5-5. The Maroons ball went out of bounds as they trailed the Redettes, 7-5. 8-7 with the Redettes on top of the Maroons. Rachel Hunt had the first foul of the game for the Redettes. 12-9 at the end of the first quarter with the Marquette Redettes on top of the Menominee Maroons.

14-9 the Redettes score and lead the Menominee Maroons at the start of the second quarter. Menominee tried to inbound the ball and the ball went back to the Menominee Maroons. Ashley Powell went to the line who had 2 points on the night. The Redettes were on top of the Menominee Maroons, 20-11. 31-13 the Redettes were on top with just over a minute left in the first half from Marquette Senior High School. After one half of basketball the Redettes lead the Maroons, 31-15.

39-15 at the start of the second half with the Redettes in the lead. The Redettes on top with 4 minutes left in the third quarter 43-15 over the Menominee Maroons. 47-17 in favor of the Redettes over the Maroons in the fourth quarter. A foul went to Ashland Michelin. The ball was inbounded by Kylee Wixtrom. 68-20 was the final score at the end of the game! The Redettes defeat the Maroons of Menominee, 68-20!

LISTEN – FULL GAME – The Marquette Redettes defeat the Menominee Maroons 68-20 on Fox Sports Marquette – Thursday February 23rd 2017.mp3

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