Friday Night Girls Basketball from Menominee – Marquette Redettes (60) VS Menominee Maroons (44) on Good Time Oldies 97.5 GTO 1/27/2017


Menominee, MichiganJanuary 27th, 2017 – Friday night high school girls basketball from Menominee on Good Time Oldies 97.5 GTO. The Marquette Redettes defeated the Maroons of Menominee on Friday night, 60-44! Luke Ghiardi covered for Ryan Ranguette and brought you the call. We came to you LIVE on Friday night from the UP Propane Press Box. The Maroons started the game with the ball from Menominee. No score with just under 7 minutes in the first quarter of action.

The Redettes were on the board first, 3-0 over the Menominee Maroons. 7-4 was the score as the Redettes were in the lead over the Maroons, thanks to Hannah Bulinksi of the Redettes. Nice defense by the Redettes with a lead of 14-6 over the Maroons of Menominee with 45 seconds remaining in the first quarter! A 30 second time out was called by the Maroons.

Second quarter action as Paige Reiswitz checked in for Sarah Barrette of the Menominee Maroons. The score was 19-8 with the Redettes in the lead. Amber Huebner puts it in for two as the Redettes lead the Maroons 21-13. Into the game was Kellsey Grange and Hannah Bulinski of the Redettes. Menominee took possession with under 2 minutes in the first half. 27-15 was the score with the Redettes in the lead going into halftime on Good Time Oldies 97.5 GTO.

38-22 the Redettes lead the Maroons in the third quarter. With 1:40 left on the clock the Redettes lead the Maroons of Menominee, 40-26. Luke Ghiardi said “We’re seeing a little three zone action in the third quarter.” Third quarter closes with a 9 point lead for the Redettes over the Maroons, 40-31.

Huge three from Chlaudia Hale as the Redettes lead the Maroons 43-34. Avrie Stewart got tagged with her first foul of the game as the Redettes lead the Maroons 45-39 with 4:20 left in the game. Marquette took a time out with 3:30 left in the fourth quarter. A dangerous pass by Chlaudia Hale as Amber Huebner was at the line. 51-41 with a 10 point lead by the Redettes. Down to the wire with 30 seconds remaining Marquette leads Menominee, 58-44. Marquette Redettes take the win to improve to 5 and 0! 60-44 was the final score and the Redettes win!

LISTEN – FULL GAME – The Marquette Redettes improve to 5 and 0 on the Season with a win over the Menominee Maroons – Friday January 27th 2017.mp3

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