The Marquette Redettes(40) Basketball Team takes on the Houghton Gremlins(46) on Fox Sports Marquette & the Big Game of the Week on 103-FXD


Houghton, MIFebruary 6th, 2017 – After traveling to Houghton, the Marquette Redettes faced off against the undefeated Gremlins. Marquette raced out to an early lead, but the Gremlins tied the game at 4-4 early in the first. It was a low scoring game, and both teams seemed focused on their defensive play. Amber Hubner scored her sixth point of the game as the clock passed the three minute mark, and soon it was 8-4 in favor of the Redettes. As the final minute of the quarter ticked down, the Redettes were able to put some space between themselves and the Gremlins.

First Period Score
Marquette Redettes: 11
Houghton Gremlins: 7

The Marquette Redettes were leading the Gremlins going into the second, but the fouls were starting to pile up for the Marquette. Just two minutes into the second, the Redettes already had six team fouls, and they were in danger of giving extra points to Houghton through the bonus. Even though they were dealing with some foul trouble, the Redettes stayed in front of the Gremlins, making it 19-11 midway through the second. The Houghton players appeared a bit stunned as Marquette continued to put point after point on the scoreboard, and by the time of the halftime buzzer, the Redettes were leading by 7.

First Half Score
Marquette Redettes: 24
Houghton Gremlins: 17

It was a great first half of play for the Marquette Redettes, but they would have to hold the Gremlins off for sixteen more minutes. The excitement in the gym was palpable over the radio, and the Redettes kept their amazing play going. Just past the midway point of the quarter, Marquette had a 10 point lead, but Houghton was on a scoring run. By the time the third buzzer sounded, the Redette’s lead had nearly evaporated, and it would all be settled in the fourth quarter.

Third Period Score
Marquette Redettes: 29
Houghton Gremlins: 26

The first three quarters saw the Marquette Redettes staying in front of the Houghton Gremlins, but it was clear that the game would be determined in the final quarter. Halftime was the needed break that Houghton needed, and they took the lead for the first time all game just a minute into the fourth. It was 31-32 with Marquette trailing by just one point with just over three minutes remaining, ensuring that the game would be a close contest. The team traded the lead off multiple times, and with 1:30 left in the game it was all tied up at 34-34.

Fourth Quarter Score
Marquette Redettes: 34
Houghton Gremlins: 34

It would all come down to a four minute overtime to decide the winner between the Marquette Redettes and the Houghton Gremlins. It was all about defense again in the overtime, and Marquette still was having trouble with fouls. That allowed Houghton to move ahead of Marquette by two points with 2:15 left. With just on minute left in overtime, it was still 36-38, and the Redettes would have to play flawlessly to take home the win. With just :20 seconds left, Marquette tied the game at 38-38, meaning it would come down to a second overtime.

With only four minutes left in the game, the Marquette Redettes were tied with the Houghton Gremlins. Each time one team scored, the opposite team answered immediately. It was 40-40 halfway through the second overtime, and neither team had a clear advantage. Houghton moved ahead 44-40, and it with one minute left, the Redettes would need a miracle to be victorious.

Final Game Score
Marquette Redetts: 40
Houghton Gremlins: 46

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