Marquette Redettes(49) Basketball Team Takes on the Kingsford Flivers(29) on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 & 99.9FM


Marquette, MIFebruary 10th, 2017 – The Marquette Redettes were coming off a very difficult two-overtime loss earlier in the week when they took on the Kingsford Flivers in Marquette. The Flivers got onto the scoreboard first, but Marquette soon tied the game at 2-2. Midway through the first, the Redettes were trailing by five points, and they were having difficulty dealing with the full-court press put on by Kingsford. Marquette took their first lead of the game after fighting back, and with one minute left in the first, it was 13-12.

First Quarter Score
Marquette Redettes: 13
Kingsford Flivers: 12

It was a very close first quarter for the Marquette Redettes and the Kingsford Flivers. Marquette led going into the second, but only by a single point, but they were able to extend their lead to four points early on in the quarter. Fighting through the tough Kingsford defense, Marquette continued to build on their lead. Marquette was on top of the Flivers by 8 points after the mid point of the quarter, and they showed no signs of stopping. Just before the first half ended, the Redettes had trouble with some fouls, and that allowed Kingsford to close their deficit to just a single point.

First Half Score
Marquette Redettes: 24
Kingsford Flivers: 20

Coming out of the halftime break, the Marquette Redettes held the lead over the Kingsford Flivers, but not by much. Much of the first part of the third quarter was back and forth, but soon the Redettes were back leading by 12 points. With two minutes left, Marquette had gotten over their first-half nervousness, and seemed to be on an unstoppable path to victory. As the final minute of the quarter ticked off the clock, Marquette was in the lead by 14 points and would go into the final quarter with a sizable lead.

Third Quarter Score
Marquette Redettes: 42
Kingsford Flivers: 25

The Marquette Redettes were leading handily over the Kingsford Flivers going into the fourth quarter, and they were able to add another three points to their total just :20 seconds into the fourth. Basket after basket fell for the Redettes, and there would be no chance for a comeback from Kingsford. Amber Hubner was playing extremely well on both offense and defense, and late in the fourth, she had a HUGE block on a Flivers’ shot. As the final minute fell off the clock, the Marquette Redettes were assured the win, and they would go into the locker room happy.

Final Game Score
Marquette Redettes: 49
Kingsford Flivers: 29

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