Battle in West Ishpeming: The Marquette Redettes(55) Basketball Team Faces the Westwood Patriots(26) on Fox Sports Marquette & 103-FXD


West Ishpeming, MIFebruary 1st, 2017 – The Marquette Redettes faced off against the Westwood Patriots on a cold Thursday night. The Redettes came into the night with a single loss on their record, and they looked to keep up their excellent play. Marquette was looking on-point, and they got out to an early lead over the Patriots when Amber Hubner made a great steal. Soon it was a 12-0 lead for the Redettes, but Westwood got onto the scoreboard with just under three minutes left in the first. Westwood finally was able to stifle Marquette’s offense, but going into the first intermission, the Redettes led by 13 points.

First Quarter Score
Marquette Redettes: 17
Westwood Patriots: 4

Leading by a substantial margin, the Marquette Redettes looked to continue to dominate in the second. The Patriots were having a lot of trouble dealing with Marquette’s 1-2-2 style of defense, and the Redette’s full-court press made things even more tough for Westwood. Halfway through the second, the Redettes continued to add to their score. The Patriots finally scored their first points of the second with two minutes remaining in the first half, but the Redettes would go into halftime with a substantial lead.

First Half Score
Marquette Redettes: 28
Westwood Patriots: 10

The first half of the game for the Marquette Redettes went smoothly, and they hoped to continue their excellent play in the second half. Soon after the quarter started, the Redettes added six five points to their total before Westwood was able to score. The Minutes ticked by as Marquette continued to pile on points to their score, allowing Westwood only four points in the first five minutes. With only one minute left in the third quarter, the Redettes were leading by more than 20 points, and the game looked all but in the bag.

Third Quarter Score
Marquette Redettes: 40
Westwood Patriots: 14

It was  dominant first three quarters of play for the Marquette Redettes, and they just had to avoid any major mistakes in the fourth to avoid a loss. Even though the Patriots were trailing for most of the game, their sportsmanship really showed through. Never did the play become physical, and Westwood also never gave up. With 2:40 remaining in the game, the Redettes score reached 50 points, and they took home a convincing win over the Westwood Patriots.

Final Game Score
Marquette Redettes: 55
Westwood Patriots: 26

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