Tuesday Night Basketball Victory Action from Marquette – Marquette Redettes (85) VS Houghton Gremlins (54) on 97.5 GTO


Marquette, MichiganFebruary 11th, 2020 – Rescheduled game from Monday night, the Marquette Redettes were ready to take on the Houghton Gremlins! With a final score of 85-54 it was well worth the wait and anticipation for your Marquette Redettes.

The Redettes take the lead over the Gremlins right out of the gate, 4-3. Marquette’s basketball; good defense by Rayna Warchock with the Redettes over the Gremlins 10-3. For the first time we seen Gwen Markham out on the court for the Gremlins. Marquette had a play of perfection early in the game with a score of 16-3 over the Gremlins. Man to man defense for Marquette. Josie Connors of the Gremlins got back into the game. Gwen Markham hit a triple for the Gremlins! Ending the quarter with the Redettes over the Gremlins 19-11.

Marquette raced out with a 4-0 run in the second quarter. Defense turned into offense for the Redettes. Maddie Carter very aggressive for the Redettes with a lead of 27-11 over the Gremlins. 33-13 Redettes on top with 4 minutes left in the half. Riley Laitinen into the game for the first time for the Gremlins. Gremlins basketball with 2:23 left in the quarter. Maryellen Trewhella of the Gremlins was up and good. 43-19 with the Redettes over the Gremlins. Ending the first half and going into halftime Marquette 43-21 over the Gremlins.

22 point lead going into the second half for the Marquette Redettes. 56-26 lead for the Redettes approaching the running clock time. Averie Kelly of the Redettes checked in the game. Off the glass and up and in for Maddie Carter. 65-29 lead as the Gremlins trailed the Redettes. Marquette leading by 30 points 65-35.

Kaleah Puskala had her first score of the evening for the Redettes. Final 8 minutes left in the game from Marquette with the score 68-39 Redettes lead the Gremlins. Rayna Warchock fired the ball with another official time-out called. 81-46 with 3 minutes left in the game the Redettes lead the Gremlins. Ruth Hummell had her first points of the night. Marquette snapped their 4 game losing streak with a final score of 85-54 over the Houghton Gremlins.

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