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The Marquette Redmen beat the Ishpeming Hematites (49) to (45) on 105.1 – 99.9 Fox Sports Marquette

Marquette, Michigan – January 19th, 2016 – Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau were in Marquette, MI for the Marquette Redmen’s boys game against the Ishpeming Hematites on 105.1/99.9 Fox Sports and streaming live at The Marquette looked to keep their season going strong, and Mike and Bob brought you team stats and predictions during the Honor Credit Union pregame show!

The Ishpeming Hematites entered the game against the Marquette Redmen with a record of 5-1, but the Redmen was ready to play a hard game! With Ishpeming taking the opening tip-off, the Redmen’s teamwork allowed them to put up the first points on the scoreboard. It was a game of offense in the first quarter, and the team playing the court well. The first quarter ended with the Marquette Redmen in front of the Hematites by a score of 5-7.

Jared Evans had a great play for the Marquette Redmen when he went end-to-end and finished with a layup to tie the score at 7-7 less than a minute into the quarter. Luke Kuliu form the Hematites nailed a three-pointer to move the Hematites in front of Marquette 10-9 with under five minutes left in the first half. It continued to be a low-scoring affair, and both teams had players starting to approach foul trouble. Ishpeming began to find their stride later in the quarter, and they went on a seven point, unanswered scoring run to make the score 14-9 in favor of the Hematites. Despite the Hematites taking the lead, as the first half began to wind down, the Redmen were able to work their way back in front of the Hematites by a score of 15-17.

First Half Score:
Marquette Redmen: 17
Ishpeming Hematites: 15

Ishpeming_Hematite_Boys_Basketball_VS_Marquette_Redmen_001Starting the second half, Ishpeming was again able to win the opening tip-off, but their first drive of the half was quickly stopped by the Marquette Redmen. It continued to be a low-scoring game, and two minutes into the quarter, the score was again tied at 19-19. Luke Pap continued to play an excellent game when he helped to keep the team tied against the Hematites at 25-25 with three minutes left in the third. With a running jump shot, Ishpeming was able to fight their way in front of the Redmen 27-25 with under one-thirty left in the quarter. Fouls from the Hematites allowed Marquette to tie the score up at 27-27 one play later.

As the final quarter began, the Marquette Redmen lead the game with Ishpeming close behind. Defense continued to be the highlight of the game for both teams, and the low-scoring game worked on the players’ nerves as there began to be some pushing and shoving. Marquette’s fouls put Ishpeming into the double bonus with plenty of time left in the quarter to take advantage of the opportunity, but the Hematites approached putting Marquette into the double bonus as well. With three minutes left in the game, the Redmen worked their way back in front of Ishpeming by five points with just over three minutes left in the game. The intensity in the gym grew as the clock ticked down. It was a close game between the Redman and the Hematites, but Marquette kept Ishepming from taking the lead and finished the game 4 points ahead.

Final Game Score:
Marquette Redmen: 49

Ishpeming Hematites: 45

LISTEN – FULL GAME – The Ishpeming Hematites lose to the Marquette Redmen 45-49 during Redmen Tuesday Night on 105.1 Foxpsports and!

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