The Marquette Redettes Lose on the Road Against Houghton 50-66

Marquette looks to inbound the ball
Marquette looks to inbound the ball
Marquette looks to inbound the ball

Houghton, MIFebruary 6, 2023 – The Marquette Redettes took on the 13-1 Houghton Gremlins Monday night in a non conference match-up.

First Quarter: The Marquette Redettes won the opening tip to start off Monday nights game, the ball was turned over after a travel call. Houghton found the first points of the game fourteen seconds in after a player was sent to the line were they made a pair of free throws. Julia Ott found the Redettes first points for the from the free throw line then a few moments later she put in a lay-up. The first quarter was very fast paced with a lot of back and forth action. Marquette was down 10-3 but were able to make a comeback bringing the score to 10-9. The Houghton Gremlins really began pushing the pace and began to run away with the lead in the last minutes of the first. In the last minute of play the Redettes were able to bring the Gremlins lead down to three points. 17-14

Marquette:14 Houghton:17

Second Quarter: Marquette started the second quarter with the ball and wasted no time taking it down court and putting the ball in to bring Houghton’s lead down to one. Meghan MacPhee found the game tying points for the Redettes with a nice lay-up early in the second quarter. After Meghan MacPhee was able to tie the game the Gremlins responded and brought their lead back to four points. The Gremlins led the Redettes 26-20 just after the halfway point in the second quarter. Marquette did not let the Gremlins get away with the lead as they brought it back to within two points. Eliina Brazeau hit a huge three pointer that gave Marquette the go ahead points, giving the Redettes the lead for the first time of the night. Marquette had a huge second quarter as they made a comeback on the Gremlins and came out of the second quarter on top 27-26.

Marquette:27 Houghton:26

A Houghton player gets ready to shoot a free throw.
A Houghton player gets ready to shoot a free throw.

Third Quarter: The Redettes started with possession of the ball as they looked to build their lead on the 13-1 Gremlins. After a missed three pointer on the opening possession the Gremlins scooped the rebound taking the ball down court and taking the lead back after a made shot. Eliina Brazeau was able to find Marquette’s first points of the second half, ending a run that the Gremlins were on.  The Gremlins were playing strong in the third quarter as they led Marquette 40-30 halfway through the third. Marquette was struggling to get things going on offense and they did not seem to have an answer for Houghton on defense. Marquette fell behind in the quarter as Houghton led by ten headed into the final eight minutes of play.

Marquette:38 Houghton:48

Fourth Quarter: Houghton began the last eight minutes of play with possession of the ball and they turned it over with a missed shot. After picking up a rebound Julia Ott sent the ball over to Meghan MacPhee who put in a lay-up giving Marquette the first points of the quarter. Houghton held a fifteen point lead over Marquette as the fourth quarter reached the halfway mark, diminishing hopes of  a Redette comeback. The Gremlins continued pushing the pace as they held onto their fifteen point lead with two minutes to go. After the buzzer sounded Houghton walked away with a 66-50 win over the Marquette Redettes. Meghan Trewhella had 28 points that contributed a large part to Houghton’s win over Marquette.

Final score – Marquette:50 Houghton:66