Marquette Boys Varsity Basketball Team Defeats Gladstone 75-44


Marquette, MiFebruary 7th, 2023– The Marquette Boys Varsity Basketball team faced off against Gladstone Tuesday night.  Jacob Swanson was on the scene for Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9

The first quarter had a fast pickup, Jack Quinell of Marquette started off the match with a three pointer. Easton Clements of Marquette f0llowed with one of the same. Tackman of Gladstone attempted to cut Marquette’s lead down with little success. Peterson pointer combating Gladstone, Closner scored his first points of the match as well. Gladstone continued to fight back, making some progress.  Clements scored off the glass yet again bringing Marquette to a whopping score of fifteen. 15-11

Kyler Sager started off the second quarter with a three pointer. MacPhee followed with a three pointer as well. MacPhee scored twice at the free throw line as well. Marquette continued to climb thanks to Peterson and MacPhee, bringing Marquette to a score of thirty. Clements reached nine points, tying with MacPhee for the team lead. Adam DuVall scored his first points of the night, bringing Marquette to a score of forty. Gibbs of Gladstone scored a three pointer at the buzzer bringing Gladstone to a score of twenty at the end of the half. 40-20

Jack Quinell scored the first ball of the second half, as well as the first. Gladstone scored a two pointer in retaliation. MacPhee passed to Clements shortly after bringing Marquette to a score of forty-six. Kyler Sager scored a two pointer from the left side as well, followed by a three pointer from the corner. Gibbs of Gladstone lead all scorers with thirteen points after bringing his team to a score of thirty. Bracket of Gladstone scored a three pointer shortly after. Johnson of Gladstone reached six points shortly after. Peterson of Marquette scored his first bucket of the game, a three pointer, ending off the quarter. 54-35

The fourth quarter had an fantastic finish. Justin Jurmu started off the quarter with a three pointer, followed by Mason Sager with the same. MacPhee reached eleven individual points shortly after, followed by Nick Matthews. Matthews scored once again, bringing him to seven points. Sager scored two more times, bringing him to the nineteen-point mark. Matthews scored a single point as well, earning seven of the prior nine points. After a timeout,  Jurmu hit the double-digit mark. With less than two minutes in the match, Jan Van Den Ende scored twice, giving him his first points of the game, and the last points of the match.