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The Marquette Redettes Fall to the Negaunee Miners 49-28 in Rivalry Game

The Marquette Redettes fall to the Negaunee Miners 28-49

The Marquette Redettes fall to the Negaunee Miners 28-49

Marquette, MIDecember 13, 2022 – The Marquette Redettes were looking to build on Saturday afternoons win, but were unable to do so during Tuesday nights rivalry game against the Miners. Ella mason of the Miners finished the night with 28 points which contributed a big part to the Miners win.

First Quarter: Cora Anderson of the Redettes won the opening tip off of the game sending the ball back to Siena Lingle.  Aubrey Johnson scored the first points of the game two minutes in with a big 3 pointer, putting the Miners up 3-0.  The Negaunee Miners started to go on an unstopped run as the game approached the halfway point, the run was stopped by a made free throw from Meghan MacPhee.  After a back and fourth first quarter the Negaunee Miners led 12-7.

Second Quarter:  The Marquette Redettes started the second with possession of the ball but turned it over to the Miners.  The Negaunee Miners scored the first points of the game with a two pointer taking a 14-7 lead.  Halfway through the second quarter the Miners led the Redettes 19-11.  Meghan MacPhee made a pair of free throws to help shrink the lead of the Miners.  The Marquette Redettes struggled to get their offensive efforts going in the second and were held to 8 points. The Miners led the Redettes 23-15 headed into halftime.

Marquette warms up before taking the court

Marquette warms up before taking the court

Third Quarter: The Marquette Redettes looked to make a comeback and get their offensive efforts moving after the half.  Cora Anderson scored the first points of the third quarter with a two-pointer, putting Marquette within 6. Marquette was playing aggressive and were able to keep driving the ball down court but were unable to get anything to fall.  Negaunee Found their stride and Ella Mason played a big role in expanding the lead to 12 over Marquette with few minutes to go.  Madison Pekrul put one off the glass right before the buzzer giving the Miners a 35-23 headed into the fourth quarter.

Fourth Quarter: The Redettes opened up the fourth quarter with a big three pointer from Brooke Logan putting the Redettes back within single digits.  Ella Mason scored her 24th point of the game with a big three pointer, adding to the Miners lead.  The Negaunee Miners held a 16 point lead over the Redettes with three minutes to go in the game, diminishing the hopes of a Redettes comeback win. The defensive efforts of the Negaunee Miners held the Redettes to just 5 points during the fourth quarter. After a hard fought 32 minutes the Redettes fell to the Miners 28-49.



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