The Marquette Redettes Fall to Bark River-Harris 54-56 in Overtime Loss

A Redette gets ready to shoot a free throw
A Redette gets ready to shoot a free throw
A Redette gets ready to shoot a free throw

Marquette, MIJanuary 30, 2023  – The Marquette Redettes faced the Bark River-Harris Broncos Monday night at home in what ended up being a nail bitter of a game.

First quarter: The Bark River Broncos won the opening tip of Monday nights game against the Redettes, they took the ball down court were a player was fouled.  The Broncos scored the first points of the night with a pair of free throws after being sent to the line. Julia Ott was able to end a 6-0 run that the Broncos were on, giving Marquette their first points of the night near the halfway mark in the first. Marquette had quite a few good looks but they just could not get anything to go as they trailed by seven in the final minutes of the first. After the first eight minutes of play the Broncos led Marquette 13-5.

Marquette:5 Bark River:13

Second quarter: Marquette opened up the second period with possession of the ball they took it down court and turned the ball over after a missed shot. A nice feed from Siena Lingle up to Meghan MacPhee who put in a lay-up gave Marquette some points to shrink the Broncos lead early in the second. As the second quarter neared the halfway mark Julia Ott drained a big three pointer bring the Broncos lead down to four. Siena Lingle found the tying points after coming up with a big steal and driving it all the way to the bucket. Marquette was outscoring the Broncos 12-4 with two minutes to go in the first half. Marquette found the lead for the first time of the night after Eliina Brazeau put in a nice shot. Marquette looked like a completely different team in the second period, they were able to hold Bark River to just six points as they scored fifteen.

Marquette:20 Bark River:19

Marquette on defense
Marquette on defense

Third quarter: After a huge second quarter Marquette started the second half with the ball as they looked to keep their offensive efforts going. Brooke Logan opened up the second half with a beautiful three pointer extending Marquette’s lead over the Broncos. Nina Bower hit a three point shot to end a 5-0 run the Redettes were on and it helped bring the Broncos back within one possession. Marquette was on fire in the third quarter with a great effort from the team as they extended their lead to eleven points. Just as the Broncos brought the Redettes lead back to single digits Cora Anderson responded by dropping a huge three pointer. Shortly after Cora Anderson made her shot, Nina Bower made her second three pointer of the night bringing the lead of Marquette down to nine. The Broncos responded big in the final minute and a half of the third as they brought the game back within three points.

Marquette:35 Bark River:32

Fourth Quarter: The Marquette Redettes began the final eight minutes of play with possession of the ball, they drove it down court and put two on the board. The Broncos responded to Marquette by scoring back to back and bringing the game within two with just six minutes left to play. Siena Lingle came up with a big steal taking it down court where she then sent the ball over to Julia Ott who put in a lay-up that also drew a foul. The Marquette Redettes led 43-37 halfway through the fourth quarter. After some back and forth action and a foul on Marquette, the broncos were able to bring the game within two. Julia Ott had another big shot bringing Marquette’s lead back to two possessions with just under a minute and a half left in the game. Nina Bower hit another big three pointer bringing Bark River within one with forty seconds to go in the final quarter.  Bark River fouled Julia Ott sending her to the line were she made a pair of three throws bringing the Redettes lead to 3. Shortly after with just fifteen seconds left Nina Bower hit a huge three pointer to tie the game at 47.

Marquette:47 Bark River:47

Overtime: Marquette won the opening tip of overtime and Julia Ott was fouled shortly after sending her to the line where she made one. The Broncos hit a nice pick and roll putting them ahead by one with 3.30 to go in overtime. Cora Anderson responded to the broncos with a shot to put the Redettes back ahead by one. After falling behind Marquette was able to drive the ball down court and pick up two points to bring the Broncos lead to one. The Broncos quickly took the ball back down court and extended their lead back to three with under a minute to go. Marquette trailed by two points with just fifteen second to go in overtime. Julia Ott drove the ball down court and put up a lay-up to tie the game but it got stuck between the backboard and rim, possession went to Marquette.  After two missed shots Bark River walked away with the overtime win against the Marquette Redettes 56-54.

Marquette:54 Bark River:56