Marquette Redmen Basketball Defeats Westwood 76-65

Marquette Defeats Westwood Patriots 76-65
Marquette Defeats Westwood Patriots 76-65
Marquette Defeats Westwood Patriots 76-65

Marquette, MIJanuary 31, 2023 – The Marquette Redmen Boys fought hard against the Westwood Patriots on Tuesday night.

First quarter: The Marquette Redmen won the opening tip but quickly turned the ball over to Westwood after losing control of the ball. Westwood scored the first points of Tuesday nights game with a shot from outside the free throw line giving them a 2-0 lead.  After Westwood scored the Redmen responded by going on a little bit of a run and a big three pointer from Kyler Sager helped put Marquette ahead 7-2. The Marquette Redmen were playing at a fast pace in the first quarter that the Patriots could not seem to match. After a dominate first quarter the Marquette Redmen led the Westwood Patriots 19-7.

Marquette:19 Westwood:7

Second quarter: The Westwood patriots started the second quarter with the ball which was stolen by Kyler Sager early on who took it down court and scored. Marquette wasted no time continuing with their offensive efforts early in the second quarter to help extended their lead. The Marquette Redmen led the Westwood Patriots 30-16 halfway through the second quarter. The Westwood Patriots had a scoring drought in the second quarter which opened the door for Marquette to expand their lead. The Patriots made a little bit of a comeback at the end of the second but Marquette came out on top 38-30 headed into the second half of play.

Marquette: 38  Westwood: 30

Marquette Defeats Westwood Patriots 76-65
Marquette Defeats Westwood Patriots 76-65

Third quarter: Marquette got an easy layup to start off the second half of the game. A great series of plays from both teams that kept the game close. 46-40 Marquette on top halfway through the third quarter. Marquette didn’t make it easy on the Patriots and pushed their lead to ten.  A big three pointer from Marquette with a minute left on the clock. Westwood got the last basket to end the quarter 55-42.

Marquette: 55  Westwood: 42

Fourth quarter: Kyler Sager started off the quarter with a steal that helped Marquette gain two more points. Marquette continued to fight and made it a 13 point game. Westwood didn’t let down and managed to hit a big three. The Patriots defense wasn’t enough to stop the Redmen from scoring. The boys continued to work the ball on the offensive end and made great plays to widen their lead. With under a minute to go Westwood started to foul, but it wasn’t enough to stop Marquette. Marquette ended the game with a 11 point lead.

Marquette:76  Westwood: 65