Redmen Varsity Baseball Struggles Against The Blue Devils, Fall 17-6

The Coaches Huddle

Marquette, MI- May 13th, 2022- The Marquette Redmen faced off against the Sault St. Marie Blue Devils in the blistering heat. The game was broadcasted on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9

The Blue Devils began the game with a double to center field, the runner was able to advance to third due to a wild pitch. Two batters later, the Blue Devils scored off of a ground out to first, Marquette pitcher Ashton Demboski was able to retire the side after only giving up the another run. Marquette returns fire with a run of their own by Desmond Mullen, but leaves two players on base. The Blue Devils lead 2-1 after one inning of play.

Marquette Batter
Marquette Batter

The Blue Devils start off the second inning with a two RBI Double by Chambers, sending him to second.  Davie follows him to first base with a walk, and Wilson takes Chambers home with a second RBI double. Davie makes it home due to Bachard’s single, moving Wilson to third. Easton Miller takes Ashton Demboski’s spot on the mound. The Blue Devils show no mercy to Marquette, dominating the game with yet another RBI double.  Two more singles are scored before the top of the second is over, resulting in a 10-1 lead for Sault St. Marie.

The Blue Devils massacred Marquette,  hitting three right handed batters with the ball, this resulted in Logan Peterson being sent out of the game to go to the ER due to a direct hit in the hand. No further runs are scored for the inning resulting in a 10-1 lead from Sault St. Marie.

In the Third inning, little progress is made by the Blue Devils despite the possibility of a mercy win. Chambers scores a singular run with a ground out. Logan Peterson was considered out of play at the bottom of the Third due to his wrist injury. After  Ashton Demboski is hit by a pitch, #22 swaps out with #23 on the mound. Ashton Demboski Singles on a fly ball, sending Easton Miller home. Bases become loaded and Applecamp is sent home by Derek Peterson, J. Knauss takes his spot on third. Desmond Mullen singles with a ground ball, sending Knauss home and Demboski to 3rd. The Blue Devils retain their lead with a score of 11-4.

Sault St. Marie Blue Devil
Sault St. Marie Blue Devil

The Fourth inning starts off with one of the seven deadly sins,  stealing, a proficiency of the Blue Devils. DeNuccio scores after #6 hits a grounder. #13 sends M. Lumsden home with a pop fly. The top of the Fourth ends with a score of 14-4. Easton Miller attempts to combat Sault St. with a double, Ashton Demboski sends him home with a single, barely  saving the Redmen from a mercy loss. Sault St. Marie remains in the lead despite Marquette’s efforts with a score of 14-5.

Easton Miller swaps with Derek Peterson for the mound, after throwing 8 back to back balls. DeNuccio hits a double, sending #22 home. #24 follows DeNuccio’s bat with a single, sending Buntrager home.  M. Lumsden hits yet another pop fly, sending DeNuccio home. Marquette begins the bottom of the Fifth with Mullen at bat, Marquette had to score 3 more runs this inning to avoid a mercy loss.  Ethan Jennings grounds out, Mullen advanced to second. Cole Ranta was struck out, Miller avenged him with a double, which sent Mullen home. To Marquette’s dismay, Applekamp was sent home shortly after arriving in the batters box, ending the game with a 17-6 score.

Final Score: 17-6

The Marquette Redmen will take on the Gladstone Braves once again next Thursday, May 19th,2022 at 4PM. You can listen to the broadcast on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9