Marquette Redettes Takes Mercy Loss Post Gladstone Defeat

Left Handed Batter Marquette

Marquette, MI-May 11th, 2022- The Marquette Redettes faced off against the Gladstone Braves today. Luke Ghiardi and Tyler Young were there to broadcast it on 105.1-99.9

Wednesday’s game began with Marquette pitching and quick scores from Gladstone, with 6 runs in the first inning from Tia Shone, Kenzie Pepin and Allyana Martinez.  Marquette attempted to combat the offensive gain from Gladstone, but Ella Jezewski

Left Handed Batter Gladstone
Left Handed Batter Gladstone

was the only one able to score after a series of wild pitches, giving the team a single and the first inning a score of 6-1.

To start off the top of the second inning Addie Trombley scored an RBI single. Riley Gerow also had an RBI single, but it’s victory was short lived, as she was caught stealing during the next pitch.  No score change for Marquette. 8-1

The first batters of the third inning brought chaos behind them, with 8 total runs in the third inning. Lauren Sundquist scored a double, Kenzie Pepin scores a single an infield single. To end the inning, Sam Drielick scored an infield single as well. Gladstone holds the lead at 15-1. The Redettes strikeout.

She Swings...
She Swings…

After the fourth inning began, tensions rose with the threat of a mercy loss floating over the Redette’s heads. Addy Trombley of the Gladstone Braves was close to scoring on second but was unable to reach the plate in time due to Marquette’s defense. During bottom of the fourth inning, Ella Jewzewski scores once again, giving Marquette a breath of relief. The score reaches 15-2

In the top of the fifth, two runs, are scored by the Pepin sisters. Marquette couldn’t make any runs when it was their turn on offense, resulting in them taking a mercy loss before the sixth inning began.


Stay tuned for the Redette’s next game next Wednesday