Marquette Suffers Tough Loss to Cross town Rival Negaunee, 16-3

Marquette Gets a Hit

Marquette, MI – May 9th, 2022- The Marquette Redmen faced off against the Negaunee Miners today in a double header. Luke Ghiardi and Tyler Young were on the call for game one on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9!

Monday’s game opened up with Desmond Mullens, taking the mound for the Redmen. Negaunee’s bats got things going early as they put up four runs in the first.  Mullens was able to strand two runners on base, ending the top half of the inning.  Marquette attempted to battle back in the bottom half of the inning but were unable to plate any runs.

Negaunee Base Runner
Negaunee Base Runner

Everyone who got a hit rounded the base for Negaunee, with the exception of the two runners left on base to close out the top half of the inning.   Negaunee opened up the game with a 4-0 lead over Marquette and closed the inning with the same.

Negaunee was able to plate another run in the second, while Marquette was left stranded on base to close out the inning.

Logan Peterson registered back to back strikeouts for Marquette.

Desmond Mullens heads to second with a double in the bottom of the third inning. Marquette had two runners in scoring position. Logan Peterson stood at the plate, bringing Ashton Demboski  home, and putting Marquette on the scoreboard. Dallas Cobe struck out to end the inning.

Evan Gauthier got things going for the Miners with a bunt single to begin the fourth inning. Negaunee was able to load the bases with Keith Juidici up to bat. Juidici hit a grand slam, driving four more runs for Negaunee,  which solidified a commanding 9-0 lead.

Easton Miller
Easton Miller

Ashton Demboski moved to the mound for the second half of the fourth inning. Hunter Haanpaa started the swap off strong with a double for the Miners. Gatlin Karvonen flew out to center field to Luke Mead who was able to double up the Miners with a throw to third to close out the top half.

Luke Mead hit a single and scored an RBI sending Derek Peterson home, gaining Marquette another run.

During the top of the fifth, Demboski walked back to back batters to start things off. Marquette struggled on the mound, walking Howard Johnson, Evan Gauthier, and Keith Juidici. Negaunee scored a single run off of an error before ending the inning.

The game ended with Marquette unable to put up any other runs, and Negaunee walking off the winners 16-3.

Stay tuned for Marquette’s next double header this Friday.