Redette’s Varsity Softball Team Loses Early To Escanaba Eskymos Mercy Loss 17-0

Batter Batter Swing

Marquette,MI- May 16th, 2022- The Marquette Redettes faced off against the Escanaba Eskymos Monday night in the blistering cold. The game was broadcasted live on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9

Starting off at the mound, Marquette‘s pitcher Lindsay Lake made quick work of the Eskymos, but Lizzy Sleeva was able to pull through and score an RBI single for the Eskymos. Number #42, Carly  swapped out with Carney Salo after Salo received a mild injury to the elbow. After the top of the first, Marquette found themselves down a single run. McKayla Matt of the Escanaba Eskymos showed no mercy after reaching the mound, striking out the Redettes within their first three batters. Score1-0.

Ready to Strike
Ready to Strike

The second inning began with a lead off single from Anna Bouliliers, she was able to run to third but was left on base due to Lindsay Lake striking out Anna’s teammates. McKayla Matt remains on the mound with unmatched speed, with six consecutive strikeouts and a ground-out by the end of the second inning.

Carson Sagorski lead off the third inning with a home run, further defining the lead for Escanaba at 2-0. Lizzy Sleeva follows with an RBI double, and McKayla Matt doubles down, also scoring an RBI double, and Anna Bouliliers doesn’t let it stop there, scoring an RBI standing triple. Erica Moore scores an RBI single as well, sending Anna home. Grayson LaMarsh Scores an RBI double, and Erica Moore remained at third. Continuing the top of the third, Alaina Saari takes the mound for the Redettes.  Sadly, Saari couldn’t handle the heat and Escanaba continued to score until reaching a score of 14-0.

Batter Batter Swing
Batter Batter Swing


Alaina Saari swapped with Lexi L’Huillier for pitcher. Lindsay Lake is sent back to the mound, replacing Lexi L’Huillier after she threw a single and hit Carson Sagorski with a pitch. The score reaches 17-0 quite quickly regardless of the fact that Lindsay was the second pitcher swapped in during the inning. Aila Weycker saved Marquette from the near never ending opening of the inning with a clean catch from second.  Everyone from Escanaba scored during the top half of the inning.

Anna Bouliliers took the mound for the bottom half of the third, hoping to strike out Marquette in order to achieve the mercy win for Escanaba. Aila Weycker attempted to save the team once again as the lead-off batter, but was caught in a throw-out on her way to second. Jayden Raymond, a Sophomore Redette at Marquette Senior High School was sent home, ending the game 17-0.

Final Score: 17-0

The Redette’s are back in action this Thursday at home against the Kingsford Flivvers.