Marquette Fails To Defend Home Field in 0-10 Loss to Gladstone on FSM 105.1-99.9

Marquette vs Gladstone

Marquette, MI- May 19th, 2022 – The Marquette Redmen Baseball team fell in a mercy rule at home to the Braves of Gladstone 0-10. Luke Ghiardi and Tyler Young had the call live on WFXDH2

1st Inning: The game started off with Nash Riipi on the mound dishing for Marquette and he would walk Tyler Darmogray. Braden Sundquist would go to hit and an error throw to first and then a wild throw to third would allow Darmogray to advance home, Gladstone led 1-0. Two straight pop flies from Gladstone would result in two outs. Nick Martin would hit an RBI single in his trip. The half inning would end with a 0-3  strikeout from Casey Alworden.

Marquette bats
Marquette bats

Braden Sundquist would pitch first for the Braves. Desmond Mullen would bat first for Marquette and his pop fly hit would result in an out. Jacob Knauss would step up next and he would get to a 1-2 count before hitting a pop fly for Marquette’s second out. The first inning would end with Dallas Cobe getting out.

End of 1st: Marquette 0, Gladstone 1

2nd Inning: The second inning of play began with John Soderman hitting. Riipi would earn his first strikeout of the game after striking out Soderman. Hunter Solis would be the next victim of a Riipi strikeout. Aedan Creten would get to a 3-2 count but would become Riipi’s third strikeout of the game.

The first hit of the game for Marquette would come from Easton Miller as he would hit a RBI single. The first out of the half inning would come from a Luke Mead pop fly. Alex Applekamp would be next to bat and he would go down 0-3. Riipi stepped up and a wild pitch from Sundquist allowed Miller to advance to second. Miller would get caught stealing third and get tagged for the final out.

End of 2nd: Marquette 0, Gladstone 1

Marquette and Gladstone battle
Marquette and Gladstone battle

3rd Inning: Riipi’s streak of striking out hitters continued as he would get Austin Bagwell with a 0-3 count. Darmogray and Riipi would have a long standoff but Darmogray would come out victorious with a RBI single. The second out of the half inning came from a Sundquist hit that would get caught by Derek Pederson.  Cam Kelly would go to hit and Darmogray would steal second base successfully. A Kelly RBI single would drive Darmogray home for a 2-0 lead. Gladstone would score yet again and get their lead up to 3-0. Nick Martin would get caught stealing, resulting in the final out.

Ashton Demboski would kick off hitting for the Redmen but his hit would get caught for an out. Pederson would get a hit but it would get caught for yet another Marquette out. It was a quick three and out for Marquette as Mullen would be the third and final out.

End of 3rd: Marquette 0, Gladstone 3

4th Inning: Nash Riipi would knock down a hit from Gladstone and throw the ball to first for an out. Soderman would get a 1-1 count before hitting an RBI double. An E5 would allow Hunter Solis to get on first. Riipi would walk Creten and the bases were loaded for Gladstone. The second out would come when Soderman couldn’t make it to home base in time. Darmogray would get to hit yet again and he would walk allowing the Braves to extend their lead to 4-0. Two runs would score for the visitors and Gladstone ballooned their lead to 6-0. Riipi would step off the mound and Luke Mead would step in. Gladstone would go on a run with a hit from Rick Martin and they led 8-0. Marquette fell behind 0-9 when Cam Kelly would score. The lead extended to 10-0 when a balk was called. The inning finally ended when Miller caught a Solis fly ball for the final out.

Gladstone bats
Gladstone bats

Knauss and Cobe would both get out digging a quick two out hole for the Redmen. Easton Miller would continue his solid hitting night as he would get a RBI single. Mead would get Marquette their third out ending the fourth inning

End of 4th: Marquette 0, Gladstone 10

5th Inning: Luke Mead would step off the mound to start the fifth and Ethan Jennings would step on the mound. Brennon Detiege would kick off the fifth inning with a RBI double for Gladstone. Kelly’s hit would get caught and this resulted in the first out. Darmogray continued to play well as he hit a RBI single. Two straight flyouts from Sundquist and Kelly would end the half inning.

Alex Applekamp would start out the hitting for Marquette but he would be the first out. There would be a pitching change as Soderman would step in for Sundquist. Drew Kreis would get hit by a pitch and get on first. Demboski would step up and a double play from Gladstone would end the game in a mercy rule.

Final: Marquette 0, Gladstone 10

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