The Marquette Hockey team takes down Bay Reps 7-3 in a home victory on WFXDH2

Marquette battles against Bay Reps

Marquette, MIJanuary 8th, 2022 – The Marquette Redmen Hockey Team took down the Bay Reps 7-3, resulting in a 2-0 weekend sweep of the visiting Reps. John Thompsen and Joe Gaffney had the call live from Lake view Arena on WFXDH2.

The Redmen look onto the ice
The Redmen look onto the ice

1st Period: The Redmen won the face-off to start off this Saturday afternoon match up. The visiting Bay Reps took no time to score as they would get the puck to get in the net, this was their first goal and lead of the weekend series. Jace Moore had a chance to tie up the game but the puck was quickly deflected. The Redmen tied the game up 1-1 when Rylan Ragusett got his second goal of the season. Marquette showed no hesitation to take a lead when Kody Moyer got his third goal of the weekend and the Redmen led 2-1. The hot streak didn’t stop there as Drew Dellies took the puck from one side of the goal to the other and scored the goal, giving Marquette the 3-1 lead.

End of 1st Period: Marquette 3, Bay Reps 1

The Redmen huddle up
The Redmen huddle up

2nd Period: The second period started rather slow but heated up when Dellies missed a hip check and Bay Reps had a chance to score but missed the goal. The Redmen extended their lead when Cole Ranta got a goal to go, Marquette led 4-1. Marquette continued to get another goal when Dellies beat his man and got the puck to go in the net, the Redmen led 5-1. Bay Reps didn’t hesitate to answer as they got a one timer goal to go, they cut the lead down to 2-5. Jake Garrow almost got a goal to go off of a Dellies feed but the puck just missed. The Redmen got a breakaway which resulted in a Jack Sides goal, the score extended to 6-2. A second straight breakaway led to Ethan Phillips getting a goal to go, Marquette led 7-2.

End of 2nd Period: Marquette 7, Bay Reps 2

3rd Period: Theo Adams had a back hander off the wall that created an opportunity for Marquette but nothing resulted of it. The Reps cut their deficit down to 3-7 with a nice goal. The Redmen gave the puck away and the Reps nearly capitalized but couldn’t get the puck to the net. The Redmen started to go through the motions, giving Bay Reps a chance to try and come back. The Reps had an attack going but Marquette got back in time to shut that down. Dylan King had a nice low shot and it was juggled for a second but eventually prevented from going in the net.

Final Score: Marquette 7, Bay Reps 3

Player of The Game: Jack Sides

Next Game: The Marquette Hockey Team is back in action next weekend on January 14th for the TC North/South Showcase, they’ll be taking on Livonia Stevenson in their first game. John Thompsen and Joe Gaffney will have the call live on WFXDH2 and the online stream!