Redmen Lose Shoot-Out Against Orchard Lake

Redmen lineup for our national anthem

Trenton, MIFebruary 4th, 2022 – The Marquette Redmen hockey team began the Trenton Showcase early this afternoon, when they took  Orchard Lake St. Mary’s. The game was broadcasted on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9.

1st Period: Well you may remember, but the last time these two teams played, it was the state championship game dating back to 2008. The game ended in a tie after no goals were scored after seven overtime periods. The Redmen were hoping for a victory today as they did in fact start the game with momentum. After a few opening minutes of fast paced hockey, the Redmen were gifted a power play after Orchard Lake got called for a hold. Brayden Grange blasted a few shots on goal, but Orchard Lake G Aiden Klingbeil kept the puck out of the net, After a great 2:00 power play from Marquette, the Eaglets returned to full strength after not allowing a goal. A few minutes later into the game, Marquette was given yet another power play after Orchard Lake was caught tripping a Redmen. Once again, the Redmen did such a fantastic job getting pucks on the net, but Klingbeil continued to make some incredible saves to keep the puck out of the net. Marquette G Wylen Cambensy was challenged for the first time in the period after the Redmen were then caught with a penalty, he survived after making a few saves as the Redmen returned to full strength. The Eaglets started the game slow but certainly began to change the momentum in the later minutes of the opening period. Luckily for the Redmen, (who had dominated most of the period) time ran out. It was scoreless after one period of play.

Redmen lineup for our national anthem

2nd Period: The Redmen mirrored their play in the opening minutes of the first period as they came out hot. Klingbeil continued to dominate the crease for the Eaglets as he did an excellent job controlling the puck and eliminating the chance at a rebound. With just under 12:00 remaining in the 2nd period, the Redmen were tagged with a cross check and had to fight off their second penalty of the afternoon. The Redmen were able to kill off the penalty, but just seconds after Marquette returned to full strength, Orchard Lake scored the first goal of the game. Marquette trailing by one, was given a power play of their own with just under 7:00 remaining in the 2nd period, their 3rd opportunity of the game. Marquette had their chances in the two minute power play, but Klingbeil continued his great outing for the Eaglets, who had a 97% effective penalty kill coming into today’s game. Marquette out shot the Eaglets 8-6 in the period, but heading into the last period of regulation, Marquette trailed 1-0. 

3rd Period: For the third time, Marquette came out buzzing to start the 3rd period. There were several scoring chances as one actually was waved off as the Redmen celebrated a goal, but it did not count. The momentum was carried all the way to the 14:00 mark when Marquette finally got onto the board. Redmen D Joe DeMattia buried with a nice shot to tie the game 1-1. Marquette continued the pressure as scoring chances came easy but Eaglet G Klingbeil recovered from letting up a goal just a few minutes prior. Orchard Lake tried responding with a 2 on 1 late in the period, but a great back check from the Redmen caused an Eaglet turnover. With 5:05 remaining in the 3rd, the Redmen were leading the period shots 11-3. Garrow and Dellies led a 2 on 1 a few minutes later as Klingbeil made the save of the game for the Eaglets to keep the score tied at one. Marquette just absolutely continued to dominate the period, but without a goal to show for it, the game would end up going right into a shoot out.

Despite heading into a shoot-out, Marquette led the shot total 41-16.

Shoot Out:

Drew Dellies was up first for the Redmen, and missed.

Will Cronberger went first for the Eaglets, as Cambensy made the save.

Kody Moyer was 2nd in the lineup, as he buried a goal to take the lead.

Joey Cibor from the Eaglets scored as well, to tie it at 1-1.

Brayden Grange went 3rd for the Redmen, as he missed.

Dylan Magdich went 3rd for the Eaglets, as he scored to win the game.


Final: Marquette 1 Orchard Lake 2 (Shoot-Out)

The Redmen will continue the Trenton Showcase tomorrow, February 5th at 12:30 pm when they take on Detroit Catholic Central.  You can hear the broadcast on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9.