Marquette Hockey Loses 2-3 to #1 Ranked Detroit Catholic Central on FSM

Marquette Takes on Detroit CC

Marquette, MI – February 5, 2022 – Marquette Hockey loses 2-3 against Detroit Catholic Central in the MIHL Showcase. John Thompsen and Joe Gaffney had the call live from Trenton on FSM 105.1-99.9.

The Redmen and Shamrocks Faceoff
The Redmen and Shamrocks Faceoff

1st Period: The Redmen would win the draw to start the game but the #1 ranked Shamrocks would come out aggressive as the puck would stay in Marquette’s defensive zone for the first 30 seconds. Owen Riipi would match the aggressiveness as to start the game as he was hounding the puck down low. Marquette showed no fear as they came into the first period of play with great pressure and high energy. The first shot of the game would come from the Shamrocks but Marquette’s goalie Wylen Cambensey would catch and hold the shot. With about 12:30 left in the first period Marquette would get hit with an icing call. Detroit Catholic Central would begin to dominate territoriality as the puck would find it’s way back into Marquette’s defensive zone. With about 7:10 left the Shamrocks led in shots 7-2, a rare occurrence for Marquette to trail in shots. The first points of the game came from the Shamrocks as Justin Hubenschmidt would get the puck in the net, the Redmen trailed 0-1. Marquette had a chance to answer when they got a chance at a penalty shot. The freshmen Kody Moyer would be the one to shoot but he would miss just high and wide. With a little over a minute left in the period Marquette would enter the first power play of the game.

End of 1st: Marquette 0, Detroit Catholic Central 1

2nd Period: Marquette would be in the power play still for the first 1:35 minutes of the second period.  Kody Moyer would tie the game up with a power play goal getting the Redmen some momentum. This goal would give Marquette a ton of energy as the bench was getting loud. For the first time in the game Marquette would be short handed against the Shamrocks. With about 13:10 left in the period Marquette would be called for delay of game. Jake Garrow would make a major impact when he had two straight fantastic saves to prevent the Shamrocks from scoring. For about a 1:30 minute stretch Detroit Catholic Central would dominate. Jack Sides would walk in but the shot wouldn’t find the net and the puck would be centered out to Cole Ranta. Wylen Cambensey would come in clutch as he made two saves to keep the game tied at 1-1. It looked like the Shamrocks would snag a 2-1 lead but the goal was quickly waived off by the referees.

Marquette looks to take down #1 Detroit CC
Marquette looks to take down #1 Detroit CC

End of 2nd: Marquette 1, Detroit Catholic Central 1

3rd Period: It had looked like Joe Demattia got the lead for the Redmen but the puck couldn’t find it’s way in the net.  Marquette came into the third period dominating territoriality and picked up their game drastically. The Shamrocks would take the 2-1 lead when Michael Connor scored a goal from the point. Marquette was being out shot total but on the period they led 3-2 on shots. After Kody Moyer’s stick got broke in half the Redmen would enter their second powerplay. Ethan Phillips would get called for a hooking penalty late in the third. Kody Moyer would hit a backhand shot to tie the game up 2-2, this was his second goal of the game. 22 seconds later Jackson Ewald would score and the Shamrocks all of a sudden led 3-2 with little time left in the game.

Final Score: Marquette 2, Detroit Catholic Central 3

Joe Boogren Player of The Game: Kody Moyer

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Next Game: The Marquette Hockey squad is back in action on Tuesday February 8th when they host the Copperkings of Calumet. John Thompsen and Joe Gaffney will have the call live for the 6:30 p.m start on WFXD 103.3!