Marquette Hockey Beats Bloomfield Hills 3-1 To Complete Perfect 3 Win Weekend on FSM 105.1-99.9

The Redmen take the ice

Marquette, MI January 29, 2022 Marquette Hockey took a 3-1 victory in their early morning game against the Bloomfield BlackHawks. John Thompsen and Joe Gaffney had the call live on FSM 105.1-99.9.

The Redmen do battle with the BlackHawks
The Redmen do battle with the BlackHawks

1st Period: The action got started in this early morning game with the Redmen winning the draw. Bloomfield came out of the gates quick as their first line proved to be very speedy. Jack Sides would create a turnover for Marquette and the Redmen would transition nicely. Owen Riipi would get a nice shot off but it was tipped near wide post. Theo Adams would also get a shot off but it was saved by the opposing goalie’s leg pad. The shot’s continued to be plentiful as Drew Dellies would walk into the zone and get a shot but it was deflected into the rafters. The first points of the game would come from Bloomfield Hills as at the 4:06 mark when they would get a goal to go, the BlackHawks led 1-0. The Redmen were all over play in the zone and Dylan King would create a turnover, Rylan Ragusett would get a shot but the puck would go just over the cross bar. Marquette’s intensity didn’t waiver as they continued to dominate territoriality. Brandon Yaker of Bloomfield Hills continued to be a force as he prevented two straight Redmen goals with a pad save and a catch and hold. Marquette dominated in shots in the first period, they led in shots 17-3.

Marquette and Bloomfield Hills line up
Marquette and Bloomfield Hills line up

End of !st: Marquette 0, Bloomfield Hills 1

2nd Period: Marquette would come out of the locker room with the same energy from the first period which would quickly pay off. It wouldn’t be too long until the Redmen would enter their first power play of the game. The game would get tied up 1-1 when Kody Moyer got his 13th goal of the year, the assist coming from Owen Riipi and Jack Sides. Moyer would get another shot off but Yaker would continue his strong morning and catch and hold the shot. With about 12 minutes left in the period Cable Fries would walk in but the BlackHawks would break it up. The Redmen would continue their theme of getting shots and Joe DeMattia would get the puck off for a shot but it was no good. Jake Garrow would dish the puck to Dellies, Dellies would get a shot but it would miss. As the second period went on it looked very similar to the first, Marquette dominated territoriality and on shots. Adams would get a great weak side shot but Yaker would save a puck yet again. The Redmen led in shots 28-6 through the game.

End of 2nd Period: Marquette 1, Bloomfield Hills 1

3rd Period: To start the third period a BlackHawk would try and step in front of Jack Sides but Sides would bulldoze over him. Colin Nemacheck would get a big hit resulting in a turnover. Jake Garrow would walk in and put the puck in the net, giving the Redmen the 2-1 lead at the 2:59 mark. With 12:50 left in the period the Redmen would win a face off and eventually had a chance at a goal but it would get saved. An assist from Kody Moyer would go to Brayden Grange who would shoot and make the goal, giving Marquette a 3-1 lead. It looked like Marquette would take a 4-1 lead when Joe DeMattia had a rocket shot during a power play but the goal was called off and Cole Ranta was hit with a penalty. An icing call would bring the puck back into Marquette’s defensive zone. Grange would dish a nice weak side pass to Jack Sides for a nice shot but Yaker would save the shot. Marquette would end up leading the game in shots 47-6 and walked out with a 3 win weekend.

End of Game: Marquette 3, Bloomfield Hills 1

Joe Boogren Player of Game: The Whole Team

Listen To Full Game Here: Marquette Hockey Vs Bloomfield Hills

Next Game: The Marquette Hockey team will back in action next week on February 4th when they take on Orchard Lake-St. Marys at 1:15 p.m. John Thompsen and Joe Gaffney will have the call live on WFXD!