Marquette Redmen Face Off Against Saginaw Hawks, 2-1 On 105.1 WFXD

Marquette Redmen

Marquette, MI – December 3rd, 2021 – The Marquette Redmens tonight against the Saginaw Heritage Hawks. Towards the end of the night they were able to score another goal to secure the game 5 to 4 for the Redmens.

1st Period – In the first period of tonight’s game the Saginaw Heritage Hawks skated with speed and drive. They were driving the puck up the middle and making great forward plays and with 2 minutes into the game there was still no score yet. The Hawks came out on the Ice turning over the puck numerous times. A cross ice pass was shot in and the Marquette Redmen scored the first goal of the night. Shockingly, within 17 seconds, the Hawks, with a breakaway play, tied the score at 1 – 1. The last play in the period was a power play by the Marquette team however no score and ended the period with 1 – 1.

Marquette v. Saginaw
Marquette v. Saginaw

2nd Period –  Going Into the second period, the Redmen started out with a 4 minute power play and kept up the pressure on the Saginaw Heritage Hawks. Interceptions made by both teams kept the score from changing throughout the 2nd period. 10 and a half to go in the 2nd and both teams have brought the hammer, yet no addition to the scoreboard. A battle ahead on the ice created some excitement in the blue lines. Marquette Redmen’s own Drew Dellies got on the defensmen and fed the puck out nicely to another player getting another shot on goal. Skating the period away ends still tied at 1-1.

3rd Period –  Entering the last period the Redmen win the face-off and start with their 3rd power play of tonight’s game of a minute and 30 seconds. With no one in the net, The Redmen are pushing hard. Redmen’s own Sides set up a great pass and Tucker pulled it around the net and scored his second goal of the year. 2-1 for the Redmen. The Hawks responded with two scoring opportunities across the ice. Later in the period, the Redmen were walking in for another scoring opportunity but had no return pass for the goal. With only 4 minutes to go in the 3rd and the Redmen leading the Hawks by 1, the Marquette team kept breaking up the ice and dragging out the clock. With 14 seconds left in the game the Hawks are out of steam. The Redmen win, 2 to 1.


Ending Score:  2 – 1 for the Marquette Redmen