Marquette Redmen Win Against Escanaba Eskimos On 105.1 FSM 5-4

Redmen v. Eskimos

Marquette, MI – November 30th, 2021 – The Marquette Redmens struggled tonight against the Escanaba Eskimos. Towards the end of the night they were able to score another goal to secure the game 5 to 4 for the Redmens.

1st Period – In the first period of the Tuesday nights game both teams flew off the handle with their fast pass plays and performing with drive. Within 4 minutes of the opening period the Eskimos were able to secure a 2-0 lead against the Redmens. An exciting 2 on 1 play by the Redmens went the other way with an unsuccessful score. After just 5 minutes of the lead the Marquette team came back and tied the game back up going into the second period.

Redmen v. Eskimos
Redmen v. Eskimos

2nd Period –  Going into the second period the Eskimos decided to change up the waters and scored yet again, bringing them up to 3-2.  With the Redmens looking for a way to grasp a lead against Escanaba they set up for a power play. Even with a 5 on 3 power play the Redmens were unable to gain another goal. Another great play by Escanaba’s own, Sawyer Lamarsh, makes a successful goal bringing the Eskimos to 4 – 2. The Redmens towards the end of the period battled Escanabas defense up the middle of the ice and secured a goal ending the period at 4-3 for the Eskimos.

3rd Period – At the ending period of Tuesday’s game, the Eskimos were sitting in a good spot with a 1 point lead against the Redmens. An amazing play by the Marquette Redmen Dylan King on the outside brought the game to a tie, 4-4. With only 5 minutes left in the game the pressure to gain another goal is on for both teams. The Redmens attempted to make a play off the rebound by Redmen Hemacheck and scores a power play goal for Marquette. With no time to gain another goal the Eskimos fall to the Redmens.


Ending Score: 5 – 4 Marquette Redmen