Marquette Hockey Walks Out of Hancock With 4-1 Victory Over Bulldogs On WFXDH2

Marquette Warms Up

Hancock, MI February 15th, 2022 Marquette Hockey took care of business and advanced to 18-4-2 with their 4-1 victory at Hancock. John Thompsen and Joe Gaffney had the call live on WFXDH2!

Marquette and Hancock Warm Up
Marquette and Hancock Warm Up

1st Period: The Redmen came into this game with hopes to match their last match up with Hancock in which they mercy ruled the Bulldogs 8-0. The action got started in this game with the visiting Redmen winning the draw. At the 4:03 mark of the game Marquette would get the first goal of the game when Joe DeMattia rifled the puck into the net. The Bulldogs would have numbers and were pushing but Colin Nemacheck would tie that up. Jake Garrow had a really nice move and got into the slot but the puck would get poked into the corner. With 8:24 left in the first period of play Cole Ranta would get sent to the penalty box for interference. 10 minutes into the game Hancock would get their first shot and that shot would be from the blue line but it misses. The Bulldogs dominated draws in this period as they won five straight. Marquette nearly gave up a goal but Wylen Cambensy made a fantastic save to preserve the Redmen’s 1-0 lead.

End of 1st Period: Marquette 1, Hancock 0

2nd Period: The second period of play got started with a Drew Dellies backhand shot but that puck failed to get in the net. A goal came quick and early for Marquette as a rebound shot from Jake Garrow would go in the goal, Owen Riipi was credited with the assist and the Redmen led 2-0. Cambensy continued his strong night as he got yet another great save. Time would pass and Cambensy would get another save and at the same time prevented a rebound. The Bulldogs won another draw as their physical play continued to be very present in this game. With the four minute mark approaching the Redmen were yet to have a power play. Hancock would enter a power play and not too long after they would cut the lead to 1-2 with a goal of their own. Nemacheck would match Hancock’s physicality with a big hit on a Bulldog.

Marquette and Hancock Battle
Marquette and Hancock Battle

End of 2nd Period: Marquette 2, Hancock 1

3rd Period: To start the final period of this match-up the Redmen would win the draw and got the action started. Hancock came out out of the gates hot as they were all over play to start. At one point Marquette pushed the puck and had a 3 on 1 advantage but failed to take advantage of the situation. Owen Riipi would shoot the puck from the point and score his second goal of the game, Marquette led 3-1. The game’s physicality never wavered as Jack Sides would get a huge hit on a Bulldog. Owen Riipi would strike yet again as he got his second goal of the third period and Marquette took a 4-1 lead. For the rest of the game Marquette would control play and eat up as much clock as they could.

Final Score: Marquette 4, Hancock 1

Joe Boogren Player of Game: Owen Riipi

Listen To Full Game Here

Next Game: The Marquette Hockey Team will be back in action on February 17th when they host the Gremlins from Houghton. The action will start at 6:30 p.m and John Thompsen and Joe Gaffney will have the call live on WFXDH2 and the online live stream!