Marquette Hockey Crushes Saline Hornets 8-1


Marquette, MIDecember 6, 2019 – The Marquette Redmen Varsity Hockey team took the Saline Hornets to task with an oppressive 8-1 victory tonight on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9.

Marquette meant business as they took the ice in the first period. The Redmen struck first with an even-strength Gaetano Cammarata goal, with assistance from Ansel Frost and Cooper Anderson, to put the score at 1-0 early on.

Cole Ranta followed up with another Redmen goal in short order. With assistance from Hogan Nemetz and Lucas Guertin, Ranta improved the Marquette score to 2-0 over the Hornets.

The Redmen stayed firmly in control throughout the period. Cooper Anderson helped solidify a strong Redmen lead with a tidy goal to bring the score to 3-0 just before the buzzer.

Marquette came out swinging in the second period. The Redmen very nearly brought the score to 4-0 right out of the gate, but Hornets goalie Griffin Granica pulled out a massive save to keep Marquette at bay.

Marquette acquired a couple of major penalties about half way through the period, one against Ethan Phillips. Cole Ranta found himself thrown out of the game as the other penalty recipient. However, a short-handed Redmen goal by Andrew Fedrizzi, from Gaetano Cammarata, brought the score to 4-0 over the Hornets.

Saline was able to answer to get on the scoreboard and improve their deficit with a score of 4-1 before the end of the period. Saline also collected a major penalty before the buzzer; A Hornets player was thrown out and disqualified to play in tomorrow’s game.

Marquette blew up the opening minutes of the third period with a staggering three goals in two minutes from Jacob Peterson for the hat trick. The Redmen immediately improved to 7-1 over the Hornets early, putting extreme pressure on Saline just to stay in the game.

A Lucas Guertin goal, with assistance from Hogan Nemetz, brought the score to 8-1 and within one goal of a mercy end to the game. Saline was able to hang on and stave off the mercy, but it was clearly the Marquette Redmen show all night.

The Redmen are back in action on Saturday, December 7th against Saline. Tune in to Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 at 2:30 pm for pregame, puck drops at 3:00 pm.

Listen to a recording of the live broadcast.

Photos by Amy Luke.