Marquette Varsity Baseball Defeats Escanaba 5-3

Marquette At Bat

Marquette, MiMay 10th, 2023– The Marquette Varsity Baseball team fought hard against Escanaba Wednesday at Haley Field in Marquette! Tyler Young and Luke Ghiardi were on the scene for Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9

Marquette’s pitcher Dallas Cobe started off strong, striking out first batter Chase Cloutier. Eli Gardner hit a single, and was brought to home by Trent Lawson on a Flyaway pitch ending off the inning 0-1Marquette At Bat

Logan Peterson was first to bat for Marquette, but found himself unable to reach first base. Sarles was stopped by first baseman Bon LaChance. Toyras walked to first, stole second and made it to third on a throwing error from the catcher. Easton Miller grounded out to second ending off the first inning. 0-1

The top of the second had a slow start, with a walk from Matt Kaven. Nick Chiu reached first base shortly after, bringing Kaven to second. Trent Turchin followed loading the bases. Chase Cloutier was next to bat, but striked out stranding three on the bases at the top of the second. 0-1

The bottom of the second moved quickly, Nick Pantti was first to bat but went out swinging thank to Lennox Peacock. Gib Jezewski followed with a solid smack, bringing him to first. Luke Mead Hit a single past the second baseman to center field, bringing Gib to third base. Luke Mead stole a base after a bad pitch before AJ Martin loaded the bases. Dallas Cobe choked with bases loaded, but Peterson refused to lose bringing Gib across home base tying the match. Peterson reached first loading the bases once more. Mead was thrown out on a wild pitch before Martin was thrown out ending off the inning. 2-1

Eli Gardner started off the third with a bunt single. Lawson followed with a single as well, bringing Gardner to second. La Chance was next to bat, but found himself unable to reach first due to an out from Mead after bringing Gardner to third. Toyras lost his hat sprinting to Ben Johnson’s ball, throwing Johnson out of the inning. Lawson stole second with Kaven up to bat. Kaven brought two home on an RBI double stealing the lead back for Escanaba 2-3

The bottom of the third was intense! Peacock struck out Toyras to start, before Miller scored a single. His victory was short lived, as Peacock striked out Pantti and caught a pop-out from Jezewski ending off the inning 2-3Escanaba Pitches

Sarles pitched out Brown to start off the top of the fourth. Turchin was next to bat and ended up walking after two strikes. Turchin was caught stealing second afterwards by second baseman Easton Miller. Cloutier walked as well, and successfully stole second after Gardner got up to bat. Gardner slapped the ball to the right side, before Cloutier got out at third by an out on the base paths. 2-3

The bottom of the fourth started with a ground out on Luke Mead from shortstop Ben Jonson to first basemen Bon LaChance. AJ Martin grounded out as well thanks to second baseman Gardner who passed to LaChance. Cobe walked after two strikes but was caught stealing second finishing off the fourth inning. 2-3

Lawson was first to bat in the fifth inning, but struck out after two balls. LaChance batted afterwards and ended up walking. Ben Johnson followed but fell short of first with a fly-out to Toyras. Kaven lined out to Mead finishing off the top of the fifth 2-3

The bottom of the fifth began with some moderate rain, Peterson however was unphased by the untimely weather leading off Marquette with a bunt single. Sarles followed and striked out, Peterson stole second mere seconds beforehand. Toyras batted afterwards, hitting a hard ground ball, sending Peterson home and Toyras to second, tying the match once more. Toyras advanced to third on a wild pitch, and managed to score after Miller grounded to out. Pantti struck out afterwards ending the fifth inning with a Marquette lead 4-3Escanaba At Bat

The top of the sixth moved quickly. Chiu, Brown and Turchin were sent out on their first swings. Chiu bunted out to first baseman Nick Pantti, Brown Popped out to Pantti as well. Turchin lined out, forcing Toyras to make an insane dive play ending off the scoreless top of the sixth. 4-3

The bottom of the sixth started out with a pop out from Jezewski of Marquette. Luke Mead followed but grounded out to second baseman Eli Gardner. AJ Martin batted afterwards, managing to hit a single after two strikes. Peyton Davis swapped out for Dallas Cobe in the Batter’s box. Davis swung a beautiful single, bringing AJ Martin home. Peterson went down swinging ending the sixth with a two point lead. 5-3

The top of the seventh started off with Dallas Cobe swapping back into the match. Cloutier was first to bat, but was sent out on a fly ball to right fielder Luke Mead. Eli Gardner batted afterwards, but popped out to second baseman Easton Miller sending Gardner out. Lawson hit a single afterwards. Peterson was swapped in as the pitcher as LaChance was sent to bat and walked after two strikes. Ben Johnson was last to bat, and grounded to third baseman AJ Martin ending off the match with a victory for Marquette. 5-3