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Marquette Varsity Baseball Defeated By Kingsford Flivvers 0-3

Kingsford Up To Bat

Marquette, Mi May 15th, 2023 The Marquette Varsity Baseball team fought hard Monday night against the Kingsford Flivvers leading to an amazing ballgame. Tyler Young was on the scene at Haley Field in Marquette for Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9

The top of the first started off strong with fast action from batter Jack Kreigl who hit a double. Garret Brown reached second after getting to first with a fielder’s choice ball, Kriegl was sent out by shortstop Logan Peterson. Andrew Finley hit a ground ball and reached on an error, Garret Brown stole third in the same play. Gavin Trevellian followed with a single as Finley advanced to second on a defensive indifference. Brown and Finley scored bringing the Flivvers to two points. Henry McRoberts was next to bat, Trevellian was caught stealing after reaching second on a ball. McRoberts striked out ending off the inning with two points for the Flivvers. 0-2

The bottom of the first moved quickly, Peterson was first to bat but pooped out to first basemen Blake Flaminio. AJ Martin was the first from Marquette to hit the bases, earning a single after a ground ball. Isaac Sarles popped out to second baseman McRoberts shortly after. Easton Miller followed, grounding out to McRoberts and Flaminio finishing off the first inning. 0-2

Joey Weber started off the top of the second with a pop fly and reached on an error. Nolan Hendrickson batted next, allowing Weber to steal second after a strike. Weber hit a single on a ground ball, sending Weber home. Gavin Grondin followed, but striked out. Hendrickson was picked off by pitcher Isaac Sarles and shortstop Logan Peterson. Flaminio hit a single shortly after. Kriegl batted next, allowing Flaminio to steal second before swinging himself out.

Kingsford Up To Bat

Kingsford Up To Bat

The bottom of the second began with a strikeout from Payton Davis. Gavin Jezewski reached second base off of a ground ball error shortly afterwards. Nick Pantti struck out shortly afterwards. Luke Mead ended off the inning with a fly out to right fielder Weber.

The top of the third moved quickly. Brown started off with a ground out after a strike. Finley was next to bat but popped out to shortstop Peterson, followed by Trevellian who lined out to Peterson as well.

The bottom of the third started off with a pop out from Toyras to shortstop Brown. Peterson batted afterwards, grounding out to second baseman McRoberts and first baseman Flaminio. Martin followed in batting order, but grounded out as well to Trevellian the pitcher and Flaminio. 0-3

McRoberts popped out to right fielder Jezewski at the top of the fourth after a ball. Weber striked out at the plate shortly afterwards. Hendrickson batted afterwards but grounded out to Peterson and first baseman Pantti. 0-3

The bottom of the fourth was fast! Sarles struck out to start. Miller walked after being hit by Trevellian’s pitch. Davis striked out shortly afterwards. Jezewski followed in batting order, reaching first base after two strikes. Miller advanced to second before Pantti struck out ending off the inning. 0-3

Grondin was first to bat at the top of the fifth, but was sent away on a fly out that was caught by Mead. Flaminio struck out shortly after as well. Kreigl batted afterwards, but hit a fly out that was caught my Mead. 0-3

Mead started off at bat for the bottom of the fifth, and reached on a walk. Finley swapped in as pitcher. Toyras batted afterwards, but struck out. Peterson was next to bat, allowing Mead to steal after a strike. He walked shortly afterwards. Martin grounded with a fielder’s choice, shortstop Trevellian sent him home with send baseman McRoberts. Before the inning ended, Mead made it to third but was unable to score due to Kreigl and Trevellian who caught Martin stealing second.

Marquette Up To Bat

Marquette Up To Bat

The top of the sixth moved quickly. Brown was first to bat, but was sent out thanks to a pop out to second baseman Miller. Finley was sent to bat next, hitting a single. However he was sent home by Sarles and first baseman Pantti. Trevellian grounded out shortly after ending off the top of the sixth. 0-3

Sarles began the bottom of the sixth with a walk to first. Miller was sent to bat next, and was sent to first with a Fielder’s choice. Sarles was sent out advancing to second in the same play. Davis was next to bat, allowing Miller to steal after a ball. However, he was sent out swinging.  Jezewski batted afterwards, but was sent out swinging as well. 0-3

McRoberts started off the seventh at bat, but failed to reach first due to a ground out to Pantti. Weber batted afterwards, but flew out to right fielder Jezewski. Hendrickson was sent out by Sarles and Pantti on a ground out. 0-3

The bottom of the seventh had an intense ending! Joey Weber swapped out as pitcher to start. Pantti was first to bat but struck out swinging. Mead walked shortly afterwards. Toyras was sent to bat afterwards, but struck out looking. Peterson was last to bat, but grounded out to shortstop Trevellian and first baseman Flaminio. 0-3



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