Marquette Redmen take the win over Menominee Maroons


Menominee, MIOctober 7th, 2022-

Q1) The Marquette Redmen’s offense came out strong with a quick touchdown by Peter Closner in their opening possession

Marquette’s Bodhi White follows up with a fumble recovery.

Marquette defense played well, keeping the Maroons from gaining a lot of ground initially but Menominee’s offense Kaeden Calcari broke through and made the first score of the game for Menominee

Marquette v Menominee
Marquette v Menominee

Q2) Marquette’s Nate Benninger held Menominee back from a big gain in the second quarter. Benninger had two strong plays keeping Menominee from their first down.

Marquette with many great plays but several penalties this game.

Menominee gains first down toward the end of the second quarter trying to take the lead in the game. Menominee still trailing Marquette at 7-6

Q3) Penalties plague both Marquette and Menominee in the third quarter.

Marquette held lead at 7-6.

Q4) Marquette defense was able to take the ball back from Menominee offense.

Marquette’s Peter Closner made a gain of 12 for a first down.

Touchdown Nate Benninger 13-6.

Kick is good making the score 14-6 Marquette.

Benninger recovers the fumble.

Jaxon Jurmu scored from 8 yards out; 21-6

Marquette ended the game against Menominee with a good sized lead at 21-6.