Marquette Redmen falls to Midland Chemics (28-6)

Marquette in the huddle.

Marquette,MI– October 14, 2022- Marquette Redmen falls to Midland Chemics on Foxsports 105.1-99.1


Marquette in the huddle.
Marquette in the huddle.


Q1: Midland would start the game kicking it off to Marquette. It would be a short kick and the Redmen would start at the 37-yard line. First play for Marquette would go back for -2 yards. Nothing would get their drive started and would punt on a 3 and out. Midland would start their first at the their own 37-yard line. Chemics first play would be a fumble snap but would recover it immediately. After a few plays Midland would punt after a 3 and out. Marquette start their second drive on their own 15-yard line. Redmen would punt again after another a 3 and out. Midland would start their second drive at their own 39-yard line. Jason Davenport after a long run would get the Chemics inside the redzone. Next play Mason Weaver would score a 9-yard touchdown run to put the Chemics up early. Marquette would start their third drive with a 11-yard run, first positive play of the night for the Redmen. Jaxon Jurmu would use his feet to escape the pocket and make a great throw to get Marquette at the 50-yard line. A Tucker Welch big run gets the Redmen inside the redzone. After a great looking Jurmu would thrown an interception inside the 10-yard line. Midland would start their next drive with 26-yard throw by Davenport. Not much would come of the drive and the Chemics would punt it back to the Redmen. Nate Benninger would start the drive for the Redmen for a 5-yard run and would finish off the first quarter.

Midland-7 Marquette-0

Q2: Marquette would start the quarter with another 3 and out. Chemics first drive of the quarter would start with a defensive face mask and would give them a first down. Jalen Brown would score a 50-yard touchdown run to make a two score lead for Midland. Marquette would start their second drive of the quarter with a false start and pushing them back 5 yards. Peter Clausner would get those yards back for Marquette but would not be enough as they would have to punt back to Midland. Midland would start at their own 38-yard line. Davenport would start Midland’s drive with 10-yard run for a first down. A few big plays puts Midland inside the 30-yard line. A sack and a false start puts Midland at a 3rd and long. The Chemics would go for it on 4th and long and would convert after a 14-yard run by Davenport. That would put Midland inside the 15-yard line. A holding penalty would take away a Chemic touchdown. Chemic would go for it on 4th down but would not convert after tackled in the backfield. But Midland would get right back after another Jurmu interception inside the Redmen territory. Midland would start with a great field position. Midland would go for it again on 4th and long but would be a yard short. Marquette would knee the ball to take it into the second half

Midland-14 Marquette-0


Marquette on offense.
Marquette on offense.

Q3: Midland would start the second half at their own 35-yard line. After a couple small plays, a big 17-yard run puts Chemic in Marquette territory. Midland would go for it on 4th down again and convert to the Chemics inside the 30. A few plays later Weaver would have a 12-yard run putting Midland inside the 5 yard line. The next play Weaver would run it again and score from a 3-yard run. Midland starts to pull away with a big lead. Marquette gets the ball back for their second drive of the half and the Redmen would punt on another 3rd and out. Hudson Gerstacker would receive the punt and return for 60-yards. Marquette would get the ball back down big and just looking to points on the board. Jurmu starts the drive with a 4-yard pass to Closner. Marquette would punt again back to Midland. Chemics would start in Marquette’s territory. It was a lot of Weaver big runs getting the Chemics inside the Redmen’s 20. A Midland fumble would be recovered by Marquette and return to inside Midlands territory at the 43-yard line. Wyatt Lakenen would make a great catch for a 7-yard gain.

Midland-28 Marquette-0

Q4: Marquette would start the quarter with going for it on 4th down but would not convert giving Midland the ball back. Midland would start with the ball almost at the 50-yard line. Colin Coffey would hit a whole for a 24-yard run, putting the Chemics inside the 25-yard line. A couple short plays would get Midland inside the 5-yard line. Midland would go for it again on 4th down and would not convert after a big defensive stop by Closner. Marquette would take over on their own 6-yard line. After a couple plays Closner would get a 6-yard gain. That would set up a big gain by Lakenen for 42-yards, putting the Redmen inside Midland territory. Jack Quinnell throws a 6-yard pass, short of first down. Next play Quinnell gets a designed run to get Marquette inside the redzone for the first time this game. Quinnell would throw it 15-yards to Closner putting the Redmen inside the 5-yard line. A roughing the passer call would put the Redmen on the 2-yard line. Marquette would finally score from a Welch 2-yard touchdown run. Midland would block the extra point kick. A good kickoff return would put Midland close to the 50-yard line. After a couple big plays Brehdyn Clemons would put Midland inside the 20-yard line. Midland would run out the clock to end the game.

Midland-28 Marquette-6