Marquette falls to Petoskey at their last home game

Marquette during a timeout.

Marquette,MIOctober 21, 2022- Marquette falls to Petoskey at their last home game on Foxsports 105.1-99.1


Marquette on offense.
Marquette on offense.

Q1: Petoskey would start the game kicking the ball off to Marquette. Marquette would start at their own 20-yard line. Jaxon Jurmu would start the game for the Redmen with a 13-yard gain for a first down. After a couple of plays Marquette would be forced to punt to Petoskey. Petoskey’s first drive would start with a 26-yard pass from Joseph McCarthy. Putting the Northmen on Marquette’s 30-yard line. Lucas O’Donnell the next play with 29-yard gain putting the Nothmen inside the 5-yard line. McCarthy would throw a 2-yard touchdown to Seth Marek for the first score of the game for Petoskey. But Pete Closner would block the extra point for Marquette. Petoskey would go 6-0. Marquette would receive the ball to start their second drive. Tucker Welch would start the drive with a big run to get Marquette inside the 50-yard line. The next play Wlech would run it for another 11-yard gain. After a big flag and a dropped pass Marquette would go for it on 4th down and would not be able to convert. Petoskey would start their 2nd drive with a flag for an illegal man downfield. Petoskey would end up going for it on 4th down and 1 and convert with QB sneak. Adam Jackson would run for a 14-yard gain for Petoskey to end the quarter.

Petoskey-6 Marquette-0

Q2: Petoskey would start the quarter with the ball. Facing another 4th and 1 and would convert. A couple small plays would get Petoskey inside the 20-yard line. Marquette would get the ball back after a big interception by Nate Benninger. Welch would get start the drive with a 8-yard gain and then another 8-yard gain the very next play. Welch would get the ball again for an 18-yard gain. Welch for the fourth time would get an 11-yard gain. Curtis Houghton would get a big gain to get Marquette inside the 20-yard line. After a fumble snap Jack Quinnell would be able to recover and to get a yard. Marquette would try to convert on a 4th down and wouldn’t be able two convert. Petoskey would start on their own 17-yard line. Petoskey facing a 3rd down and would convert avoiding a 3 and out. A few big plays from Ptoskey would get them to Marquette’s 46-yard line. McCarthy would throw a 32-yard pass to get the Northmen inside the redzone. Easton Miller would read the option play and take it to their own 45-yard line. The very next play Quinnell would throw a perfect pass to Wyatt Lakenen for 55-yard passing touchdwon. Petoskey would receive the ball with a 1:20 to go in the quarter. The Northmen would get the ball to the 50-yard line with 13 seconds left. Lakenen would intercept the ball. Marquette would run the ball out to take it into the second half.

Petoskey-6 Marquette-7

Petoskey on offense.
Petoskey on offense.

Q3- Marquette would begin the second half with kicking the ball off to Petoskey. Petoskey’s first play would go back a yard to start the drive. The next play McCarthy the next play would take it for a 38-yard gain. McCarthy would run a couple more times but not a lot of yards. Petoskey would go for it on 4th down in the redzone and convert after a great catch putting the Northmen inside the 15-yard line. McCarthy would throw his second touch down to Marek for a 11-yard touchdown pass. Petoskey could not convert the 2-point conversion. Marquette would start the first drive of the second half and would stall out on their first drive. Petoskey would start their second drive of the half with a big gain of 21 yards. McCarthy would get a gain of 10-yards and get Petoskey to the Marquette 40-yard line. O’Donnell would run it for a big gain to get Petoskey inside the 10-yard line. McCarthy would finish off the drive a 2-yard touchdown rush, putting Petoskey in a two score lead. Marquette would start their next drive drive with over a minute left and on their own 30-yard line. Welch would start the drive a 9-yard run to take the game into the 4th quarter

Petoskey-19 Marquette-7

Q4: Marquette starts the quarter with a 4th and 2 and would end up going and would convert after a 2 yard rush from Welch. Welch with a 5-yard run gives the Redmen a first down at the 46-yard line in Petoskey territory. Closner would recieve the ball for a 17-yard gain. Jurmu would throw it to Welch for a big gain to get Marquette to the 10-yard line. Petoksey’s defense would get an interception inside the redzone. The Northmen would start at their own 6-yard line. McCarthey would run it for a big gain with a 38-yard run. McCarthey would throw his 3rd touchdown to Makrek for 55-yard touchdown. A big kick return puts Marquette at the Petoskey 45-yard line. Quinnell throws to Lakenen for a 36-yard gain. Another Marquette interception puts Petoskey at their own 1-yard line. A fumble recovery in the endzone gives Marquette defensive touchdown by Adam DuVall. Marquette would go for an on-side kick and recover it. The very nextplay Petoskey would get another interception. Petoskey would get a big gain to get them at the 16-yard line. Petoskey would run the ball out.

Petoskey-26 Marquette-13

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