Marquette Redmen Pick Up Conference Win Over Kingsford Flivvers 50-37

Marquette Huddle

Kingsford, MI January 27, 2022 The Marquette Redmen played the second game of the double header on Thursday evening against the Kingsford Flivvers. Luke Ghiardi was on the call live on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9!

Q1: Marquette won the first possession of the game. The Redmen rebounded well but eventually lost one to the Flivvers. Michael Meneguzzo for the Flivvers went up for a shot and was fouled by Jordan DeMay. Meneguzzo landed one of two for the first point of the game. Jordan DeMay splashed a three to give the Redmen a quick lead, 3-1.

Kingsford brought it within one from the free throw line. Marquette’s Jordan DeMay lined up another long range shot that hit it’s mark to build the Redman lead. Each of the teams went on a slight scoring drought in the middle of the quarter going back and forth. Jonas Bicik put the Redmen up by seven after hitting a three pointer.

Redmen vs Flivvers
Redmen vs Flivvers

Marquette’s defense turned up the heat as Bicik tallied a couple blocks down low against Kingsford. The Redmen had an opportunity to get into double digits, but couldn’t land free throws. The defense was able to bail out the Redmen causing a turnover. Marquette transitioned back to offense and Bicik put it up to build on the Redmen lead, 11-2.

Q2: Kingsford got their first field goal with Trevillian scoring two. Bicik answered immediately with a field goal of his own. Trevillian was able to register another bucket after getting his own rebound in quick back and forth possessions. The Flivver’s Trevillian got to the free throw line and split the pair. Marquette was able to cause a jump ball to get back possession.

Nic Nora brought the Flivvers within four after stealing the ball and taking it all the way for the finish, 13-9. Marquette got into a bit of foul trouble as Kingsford found themselves in the bonus. Easton Clements got his first bucket and padded the Redmen lead. Nic Nora answered back by hitting a jumper over Jonas Bicik. After yet another Redmen foul Brody Kopp went to the line for Kingsford. Kingsford was unable to cash in on the free throws and Marquette held their lead, 15-10.

Clements pulled up for a jumper and landed for the Redmen. Nora answered back quickly with a jump shot of his own. The Flivver defense picked up their intensity and caused a Redmen turnover in the final minutes of the first half. Marquette got a break from the incoming Flivver offense by taking a charge to cause the turnover.

Marquette’s Easton Clements drove the lane and drew the foul to head to the line. Clements went two for two after missing his first two of the evening. The buckets gave Marquette a four point lead, 19-15. Nora brought the Flivvers within two after a wild exchange under the net. A costly error by Marquette gave the ball back to Kingsford. Kopp landed the lay up to tie it up to close the half.

Halftime: Marquette 19, Kingsford 19

Marquette Huddle
Marquette Huddle

Q3: The Marquette Redmen had the first possession to start the second half of play. David Eberhard registered his first points of the game and put Marquette back on top. Brody Kopp responded with a shot landed plus the foul. Kopp unable to turn the three point play, but the Flivver defense caused a turnover on the next possession.

Marquette’s defense continued to play strong and cause Kingsford problems. That was until Michael Meneguzzo was left alone outside the arc to hit a three point shot for Kingsford. The Redmen’s Jordan DeMay answered back with a big time three of his own. Kingsford’s offense was able to continue to draw the fouls, and Kopp looked to redeem himself at the free throw line. He split the pair of shots and gave the Flivvers the lead.

Nic Nora was able to thread the needle and get the ball to Cole Myllyla for the lay up bucket. The Flivvers built their lead after a Ben Trevillian bucket, 30-25. Jordan DeMay pulled Marquette within one after yet another three-pointer. Kingsford’s defense was playing extremely well, but as was Marquette’s. The Redmen caused a turnover and went the other way to Jonas Bicik to lay it in. Grondin got the Flivvers back on top going two for three at the free throw line.

DeMay landed his third three pointer in the quarter to put Marquette within two, 33-31. The freshman Grondin answered back splashing a long range three of his own for Kingsford. The Redmen were able to poke the ball away to take over back on offense in the final half minute of play. They weren’t able to land a shot and Kingsford remained on top to end the quarter.

Q4: The final eight minutes of play opened with a Kingsford possession being stolen away by Eberhard. Jonas Bicik got the pass and put it in to start things off for Marquette. The Redmen defense picked it up and caused two back to back turnovers for the Flivvers. Axel Vermaat put Marquette up by three with a great shot off the glass.

Flivver Huddle
Flivver Huddle

Easton Clements put the Redmen up by five going on a 6-0 run. The Flivvers tried to turn things around and were able to get the Redmen into foul trouble. Jonas Bicik ended a short scoring drought and got himself into double digits with a shot off the glass. Bicik was able to grab the rebound off a Nic Nora attempt. He fed the ball down to Eberhard who went passed Nora for the bucket and giving Marquette a nine point lead going on a 10-0 run.

Eberhard grew Marquette’s lead beating the Flivver defense for the easy bucket. Jonas Bicik came through with a dagger as he landed a layup plus a foul for the three point play. The Redmen lead by 11 over the Flivvers with just under ninety seconds. The Flivvers continued to fight back offensively. Meneguzzo attacked the rim and was able to pick up the foul, and went one for two at the line. Marquette was able to wind down the clock and walk away with the conference win.

FINAL: Marquette 50 – Kingsford 37

Joe Boogren Player of the Game: Jordan DeMay, Marquette


The Marquette Redmen are back on the court on Monday January 31st. They’ll be hosting the Ishpeming Hemetites on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9!