Marquette Redmen Fall Back Late in Loss to Boyne City Ramblers, 72-62

Jaxon Jurmu shooting free throws

Marquette, MI December 28, 2022 – The Marquette Redmen (2-2) come off a long rest following two road losses in Traverse City. Tonight they played host to the Boyne City Ramblers in game two of a double header featuring both the boys and girls teams. The game was broadcast live on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 – 99.9!

Boyne City opened up the game with a basket from Alex Calcaterra. Wyatt Lakenen would answer back for the Redmen to tie it up. Marquette would keep the pace fast and would find Lakenen for another bucket. The Ramblers would keep the lead after splitting free throws, but Jacob MacPhee would give it to Marquette for the first time after a bucket down low. Boyne City would be successful on the boards, and get their second chance shots to fall.

Marquette would fall behind but Kyler Sager would drain a three to take the lead back. Each of the teams would showcase their speed and go back and forth. Easton Clements would draw the foul and hit a pair of free throws for Marquette. The Ramblers would take the lead back with Calcaterra rolling in a bucket. Will Gale and Jaxon Jurmu would hit a pair of shots, but Boyne City would hold on to their one point lead. Drew Neer would find Jack Neer for a three to add to Boyne City’s lead. Marquette would find themselves in foul trouble as the first quarter came to a close.

Marquette 19 – Boyne City 23

Captains Meeting
Captains Meeting

The Redmen would struggle to get a shot off to start the final eight minutes of the half. Boyne City would also have some trouble with the Redmen defense, but would hit their mark with a three from Chas Stanek. The following possession Marquette would draw the foul and send Jaxon Jurmu to the line for a pair of free throws. He would go one for two and bring the score to 26-20 in favor of the Ramblers. The Redmen would improve on the boards as MacPhee would pass the ball down court to Jurmu for a righty lay up.

Wyatt Lakanen would receive an inbound for another easy bucket for the Redmen. Mason Wilcox would answer back the next possession with a pair of his own. Marquette would bring the score within two and tie things up with a bucket from Kyler Sager. Wilcox would drive the lane to quickly give the lead back to the Ramblers. Lakenen would sink a three after receiving a heads up pass from Closner. The two teams would keep play fast and match baskets in the final couple minutes of the half. Jacob Johnson would find Wilcox for a basket, and Jurmu would go the other way and match the basket with one of his own.

With :90 seconds to go Alex Calcaterra took the lead back for the Ramblers after draining a pair of free throws. Jacob MacPhee would show off his physicality as he came down with an offensive rebound, and put it back for two plus a foul. MacPhee completed the three point play, and gave the lead back to the Redmen. Alex Calcaterra would tie things back up after dunking the ball home to end the half.

Halftime: Marquette 41 – Boyne City 41

The second half of started off a bit slower paced with Marquette showing great ball movement. The Redmen would come down with a rebound and throw it down the court to Jurmu for the basket. They would follow that with another steal and score from Jack Quinnell. The Ramblers and Redmen would battle back and forth with no one really getting the upper hand as shots struggled to fall.

Jack Neer in bounding for Boyne City
Jack Neer in bounding for Boyne City

Gavin Hewitt would hit his shot and pick up the foul for Boyne City. Hewitt cashed in three points the long way to cut the Redmen lead to two. Wyatt Lakenen would end a 6-0 run from the Ramblers with a basket for his 14th point of the night. Boyne City would take back the lead after Jacob Johnson was able to put together five straight points. The Redmen continued to shoot but couldn’t find their mark. Kyler Sager would hit a smooth looking shot to bring the Redmen within two. Alex Calcaterra would fight through traffic for a lay up and try to break away from the Redmen.

Adam DuVall would fight back for the Redmen as his shot was able to fall for his first points. The Redmen would take advantage of a Rambler turnover with Sager hitting a long two. Marquette’s defense would need to step up but instead picked up a foul and sent Calcaterra to the charity stripe. Kyler Sager would do his part and draw a foul to get to the line and making his free throws to tie things back up.

Marquette 56 – Boyne City 56

The Boyne City Ramblers had possession to start the final eight minutes of play in Wednesday’s double header. Both teams would play physical to try and get their shots to fall. The first couple of minutes were quiet in terms of scoring, but defensively both teams were battling back and forth. Boyne City would take a four point lead with a pair of buckets from Calcaterra. The Ramblers would add another two points with a Gavin Hewitt bucket.

The Redmen’s Jaxon Jurmu would split a pair of free throws to bring their deficit to five. Jack Neer would land a big shot from behind the arc, and followed with another basket from Calcaterra would spell trouble for the Redmen. As things started to get out of hand for Marquette, Peter Closner would end the 5-0 run with a free throw. Jacob MacPhee would hit the first field goal of the quarter for Marquette as the Redmen still trailed.

Boyne City ate up as much time as they could, but eventually took a 10 point lead after finding Johnson for a lay up. Lakenen would get to the free throw line for Marquette and hit both his shots to bring the deficit back to single digits. The Redmen defense would be called upon, but Alex Calcaterra would find a way to get to the stripe for a 1-and-1 going 2-for-2. Marquette struggled to play catch up as time expired.

FINAL: Marquette 62 – Boyne City  72

The Marquette Redmen are back on the court on Thursday as they host Charlevoix in game two of another double header featuring both boys and girls teams. The tip off is scheduled for 1pm EST with Luke Ghiardi on the call live from Barb Crill Gymnasium on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 – 99.9!