Marquette Redettes Overpower Gladstone Braves 48-43

Marquette Looks to Stop Gladstone


Marquette Looks to Stop Gladstone
Marquette Looks to Stop Gladstone

Marquette, MI January 17, 2023 – The Marquette Redettes were able to overpower the Gladstone Braves in a very back and forth game. The Tuesday night conference game win over the Braves moved Marquette to 6-6 on the season and 3-2 for conference games.

First Quarter: Julia Ott of the Redettes won the opening tip of the game, shortly after the tip the ball was knocked out of bounds giving the Braves possession. The Gladstone Braves were able to put up two points off of their first possession giving them a 2-0 lead. The braves defense forced turnover after turnover on the Marquette Redettes holding them to zero points with two minutes to play in the first. Kyley Elmblad put up the first bucket for the Redettes ending the Braves 8-0 run and putting them on the board with a minute and a half to go. Lorenz dropped a fifteen footer putting a a couple more on the board for the Redettes in the last minute of the first.

Marquette: 4 Gladstone: 10

Second Quarter: Marquette is looking to get their offensive efforts going and chip away at the Braves lead. Siena Lingle drove the ball from one end to the other and completed a lay up for two making it 6-13. The Redettes trailed by four halfway through the second as they slowly shortened the lead of the Braves. Eliina Brazeau checked in to the game and immediately put up a huge three pointer tying the game at 17 a piece with just under two minutes to go in the first half. Gladstone picked up a rebound and took it down court and put up a big three to give them the lead back with limited time left ton the clock. The Braves defense were able to shutdown the Redettes at the end of the first half and maintain their lead headed into halftime.

Marquette: 17 Gladstone: 22

Marquette In-bounds the ball Mid court
Marquette In-bounds the ball Mid court

Third Quarter: Marquette opened up the second half with possession of the ball taking it down court but unable to convert, turning the ball over to the Braves. The Redettes were able to regain possession of the ball and found the first couple points of the second half. Julia Ott found a couple more points bringing the Redettes within three points of the braves in the first minutes of the third. Cora Anderson put up a thirteen foot shot putting the Redettes within one as they looked to take the lead for the first time. Lillie Johnson hit double figures with a fourteen foot shot and extended the Braves lead to three. Shortly after Meghan MacPhee went into double digits with a nice left handed lay up and shortening the Braves lead. The Redettes took the lead for the first time of the night with just a  few minutes left to go in the third. Mayce Hanson sunk a three pointer that the refs ended up calling a two, giving the Braves a four point lead in the final thirty seconds of the quarter.

Marquette: 29 Gladstone: 33

Fourth Quarter: Brooke Logan put up a big shot that rolled off the rim and in, giving the Redettes the lead back in the final quarter. Gladstone responded right after by driving the ball down court putting up a couple points and retaking the lead. Marquette retook the lead with a layup off the glass with five minutes to go. Meghan MacPhee picked up a feed from Brooke Logan and put it in the basket giving the Redettes a three point lead over the Braves. Marquette had a four point lead with just under three minutes to go in a very back and forth game. Julia Ott got her tenth point of the night with a beautiful play that extended Marquette’s lead to seven. The Braves were able to respond and brought Marquette’s lead down to four. After a big play by the Gladstone Braves they were able to bring the lead down to two with forty seconds to go in the game. Marquette came up with a big steal giving Marquette possession of the ball with 25 seconds to go. Julia Ott was fouled and successfully made a pair of free throws to give Marquette a four point lead with just fifteen seconds to go. After a huge fourth quarter the Marquette Redettes were able to pull ahead and pick up a win over the Gladstone Braves.

Marquette:48 Gladstone: 43