Marquette couldn’t complete the comeback against Orchard Lake-St.Marys(1-2


Marquette,MI– December 17, 2022- The Redmen try to fight off the St.Marys live on Foxsports 105.1-99.9

1st Period: Marquette would win the face off to begin the game. Within seconds of the game there would be another face off and the Redmen would win that one as well. St.Mary’s would get a score off a crazy bounce. St.Mary’s are attacking the Redmen’s defense with another score in the period. Marquette gets their second shot of the game but would miss wide left. St.Marys would get called for their first icing of the game. Marquette gets called for tripping that would put two kids for each team in the box. The Redmen would get called for another icing of the period. The Redmen finally score off their power play. Marquette would skate out the period. St.Marys would out shoot Marquette.

Marquette:1 St.Marys:2

2nd Period: St.Mary would win the face off but would get called for icing immediately to start the period. st.Marys would win another face off in the period.Marquette would get to the net but would miss their shot and again would miss another shot off a rebound. The Redmen lose another face off of the period. Marquette has struggled with face offs the last couple games. Marquette have 4 penalties halfway through the second period. The Redmen would drive again to the net and miss. Marquette use their second power play but wouldn’t do anything with it. St.Marys would get another shot off but would miss wide right. Marquette would shoot again but St.Marys would get another big save. St.Marys would win another face off and shoot immediately but would miss. Marquette would get called for another icing in the period. The Redmen have not been able to take advantage off of rebounds. St.Mary would out shoot the Redmen in the second period.

Marquette:1 St.Marys:2

3rd Period: St.Mary would win the face off to start the period once again. Marquette would get into St.Mary territory but St.Mary would clear the puck immediately. The Redmen try to take advantage of the change from St.Marys but would miss the shot. Marquette again would get another shot off but would miss wide. The Redmen would get called for icing. Marquette would have to take a timeout. The Redmen would shoot and miss right out of the timeout. The Redmen had another chance off of rebound but would miss again. Marquette would get another attacker with a minute left. St.Marys gets called for icing with 20 seconds left. Marquette would win the face off. The Redmen would miss their last shot to tie the game.

Marquette:1 St.Marys:2

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