Marquette Boys Varsity Basketball Team Defeated Sault. St Marie Devils On Senior Night 61-53

Marquette Senior Lineup

Marquette, MiMarch 2nd, 2023The Marquette Varsity Boys Basketball team battled the Sault St. Marie Devils Thursday night in the Barb Crill Gymnasium  for Marquette Boys Senior Night. Michael J was on the scene for Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9

Logan Peterson was first to score for Marquette, with a two pointer. Joe Gravelle evened the score for the Soo, before Bodhi White stole the lead with a two pointer. Logan Peterson scored another two pointer, followed by Jack Quinell resulting in a timeout. Kaden Lujan from the Soo scored a two pointer in retaliation. The Blue Devils took their first lead of the night, bringing them to ten points. Jack Quinell evened the score for Marquette, before Jackson Jurmu re-stole the lead for Marquette. Quinell reached six individual points. Max Scott scored at the free throw line for the Blue Devils afterwards. Jurmu was sent to the free throw line, and scored a basket. Wyatt Lakenen shot at the free throw line as well, and scored twice. Sault St. Marie fought back, cutting Marquette’s lead down to two. 17-15

The second quarter moved quickly, Easton Fitzner scored first evening the match. Easton Clements was first to score for Marquette, who stole the lead back with a two pointer. Clements scored a three pointer with nothin’ but net. Jurmu scored a three pointer as well, as well as a layup. Gravell reached four points for the night, after cutting away at Marquette’s lead.  Lujan scored, followed by Jurmu and Gravell afterwards. Jurmu scored another three pointer with nothin’ but net. The Soo fought back, only for Jurmu to cut their efforts short with another three pointer. Clements landed his second three pointer of the quarter afterwards. MacPhee scored twice at the free throw line as well, bringing Marquette to forty points before the buzzer beat. 40-29

Lujan was first to score in the second half, cutting the lead down to nine for the Soo. Jack Quinell matched Lujan shortly after with a two-point layup. Lujan scored two more times, reaching six individual points. Marquette fought back, reaching a ten-point lead once again. MacPhee scored another layup as well, followed by Max Scott from the Soo who did the same. Lakenen scored his first layup of the night shortly after. MacPhee scored again, bringing Marquette to a score of fifty-one. Fitzner scored a three pointer in retaliation. Peterson scored twice at the free throw line for Marquette. Fitzner scored a three pointer before a timeout. After the timeout, MacPhee scored twice from the free throw line before the end of the quarter. 55-43

The fourth quarter was intense. Gravell and Lujan scored for the Soo to start off the fourth quarter. Lujan scored a layup, followed by Kyler Sager who earned his first points of the night. Nathan Koepp scored a point at the free throw line, cutting Marquette’s lead down to seven. MacPhee scored at the free throw line after a timeout, followed by Jurmu who scored twice. Jurmu was sent to the line again after some back and forth, where he scored a point. The Soo pushed with a minute left, cutting the lead down before the buzzer beat.