Marquette Boys Varsity Basketball Team Defeated At Gladstone Senior Night 61-66


Gladstone, MiFebruary 28th, 2023The Marquette Boys Varsity Basketball team fought hard against Gladstone Tuesday evening at Gladstone’s senior night. Jacob Swanson was on the scene for Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9

The first quarter moved quickly, Jackson Jurmu of Marquette was first to score with a three-pointer. Quinell followed with a single, before Drake Johnson of Gladstone scored a two pointer. Luke Bracket evened the score at four-four a few minutes later. Sager scored a three-pointer in retaliation. Jan Van Den Ende joined the scorebook, before Elliot Vitito of Gladstone evened the score at nine points. Easton Clements retook the lead for Marquette with a two pointer. Gladstone called a timeout immediately afterwards, resulting in two points from the free throw line for Gibbs of Gladstone. Jurmu made a finger-roll layup afterwards, bringing him to four individual points. Vitito scored yet again with less than a minute left, ending off the quarter. 13-15

Logan Peterson was first to score in the second quarter, retaking the lead for Marquette. Vitito scored another three pointer in retaliation, bringing him to nine individual points. After lots of back and forth, Sager scored twice bringing him to six points. Gibbs scored shortly after. Jack Quinell brought Marquette to twenty-four points before Gibbs evened the match. Quinell scored again, followed by Johnson. MacPhee, scored bringing Marquette to a score of twenty-eight before Jurmu widened the lead to five points. Gibbs scored his second and third three pointers of the night, stealing the lead for Gladstone and bringing him to sixteen points before the buzzer. 31-33

The third quarter was intense! John Roman started off the third quarter with a three pointer for Gladstone. Quinell scored twice at the free throw line in retaliation. MacPhee scored, reaching twelve individual points shortly after. After lots of back and fourth and fouling on both sides, Clements scored stealing the lead once again. Bracket scored a three pointer, combating Easton’s shot. MacPhee scored a single, bringing him to thirteen points. After some great defense from both sides, Clements scored bringing himself to eight points. Sager scored with Vitito on his tail, forcing Gladstone to call a timeout. After the timeout, Lakenen scored once at the free throw line, earning his first points of the night. Johnson scored for Gladstone, bringing him to double digits. Gibbs scored once at the free throw line as well. Canyon Medina was sent to the free throw line with three shots, and managed to score twice. Van Den Ende tied the game at the buzzer afterwards. 49-49

The fourth quarter had an amazing ending. MacPhee started off the quarter with a swoosh, bringing him to fifteen points. Lots of back and fourth followed, Sager missed twice at the free throw line before Vitito scored yet another three pointer. Clements scored once at the free throw line, evening the score at fifty-two points. Jurmu scored twice at the line with less than four minutes left on the clock. Sager scored a left-side layup afterwards, bringing him to double digits. Gladstone stole the lead yet again with a three pointer, resulting in a timeout. After some more back and forth, Vitito and Bracket scored giving Gladstone a four point lead. Gibbs scored a free throw afterwards, bringing himself to eighteen points. Gibbs missed two free throws with less than a minute left on the clock. Quinell scored a three pointer, tying the game as the student section screamed for the referee’s to start the clock. Gibbs scored a three pointer as well, stealing the lead yet again with half a minute left. Vitito scored once from the free throw line giving Gladstone its first GNC win of the season.