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Marquette Varsity Boys Beaten By Kingsford Flivvers In Homecoming Match 63-72


Marquette, MiFebruary 24th, 2023The Marquette Boys Varsity team fought hard against the Kingsford Flivvers Friday night in their homecoming game. Michael J was on the scene for GTO.FM 97.5

The first quarter moved quickly. Nic Nora started off with the ball, earning Kingsford three points. The Flivvers reached a score of five before MacPhee followed with a two pointer. Myllyla of Kingsford scored two more points before Wyatt Lakenen brought Marquette to a score of four. Nic Nora scored his second three pointer of the night before a timeout was called. Jan Van Den Ende was called in after the timeout, as well as Peter Closner. Gavin Grondin scored a three pointer and a free throw shortly after. Kingsford continued to climb, reaching a ten-point lead with less than a minute left. 18-8

Easton Clements started off the quarter with a two pointer for Marquette. Jack Quinell scored his first basket of the night a minute later, followed by Closner. Grondin scored two three pointers off the glass shortly after. Jurmu scored a three pointer shortly after after some retaliation from the rim. Grondin scored twice at the free throw line, reaching an individual lead score of nineteen points. Nic Nora scored with nothin’ but net. Jurmu scored twice at the free throw line, reaching double digits as the buzzer beat. 24-42

MacPhee started off the quarter with a Jam. Grondin scored two of three possible free throws at the line after. Jackson Jurmu scored two free throws as well. Kyler Sager scored once at the free throw line as well, a timeout was called afterwards. After the timeout, Macphee scored off the glass. Clements scored a three pointer for the Flivvers, bringing them to a lead of eleven. Jurmu scored twice at the free throw line, bringing him to an individual score of twenty-three. Nic Nora scored a three pointer to combat Marquette. Jurmu scored yet another three pointer. Grondin scored a three pointer in retaliation. MacPhee caused yet another jam before aiding Jurmu in a layup. Grondin scored a free throw and a layup as well. 49-65

MacPhee started off the fourth quarter with a three pointer. Senior Easton Clements scored a three pointer that made the student section go wild. Jurmu scored once at the free throw line, bringing the Flivvers lead down to ten. Afterwards MacPhee knocked down a two pointer before a timeout. After the timeout, Marquette cut the lead down to five thanks to Jurmu and Closner. Grondin scored a two pointer afterwards bringing Kingsford’s lead to seven, finishing off the match. 63-72





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