All-Star Football Week In The Superior Dome

U.P. All-Star Red And Black Teams

Marquette, MI – 6/21/17 – All-Star Football week is in full swing and on Tuesday afternoon the teams came together for media day. The Coaches, Players, Parents and Media were all in attendance to meet these fine young men.

On Monday afternoon the coaches and players came together for a food drive for the Beacon House. The players then suited up for practice at Northern Michigan University to meet with their new teammates. This year the All-Star Football committee came up with a new and exciting format, implementing the draft. The coaches had the opportunity to select players who they felt were worthy to play on their team. The result of the draft will allow the players to play against teammates that they shared the same high school with.

Today the players will have a new challenge ahead of them, the Players Skills Challenge. The players will compete in a number of events that include fastest man, strongest man, quarterback challenge, kicking and punting challenges.

The teams are set and the game in on the horizon for Saturday at 1 pm in the Superior Dome at Northern Michigan University. There will be a All-Star Football Banquet on Friday night with a guest speaker. The Banquet will provide friends and family the opportunity to connect with all of the players and coaches.

The pregame for the All-Star game will begin at noon and the game will be at one. The game will be on 92.7 WRUP and 103-FXD with Mike Plourde, Bob Nedeau and Ryan Ranguette. The game will streamed across the country and archived on the WRUP.COM and Sunny.FM.