Marquette Redettes Lose Final Regular Season Game against Negaunee 30-45 on 103.3 WFXD

Marquette Takes on Negaunee

Marquette, MIFebruary 24, 2022 – The Marquette Redettes finished off the regular season with a rivalry loss at home against Negaunee 30-45. Michael Williams had the call live from the Barb Crill Gymnasium on 103.3 WFXD.

Negaunee Huddles Up
Negaunee Huddles Up

1st Quarter: The action started quickly in this rivalry match up with Meghan MacPhee getting the first points of the game, Marquette led 2-0. MacPhee would keep it going with a contested shot over Lilly Nelson and Marquette was rolling to start the game. The first points for the Miners would come from Ella Mason as she would hit a two point shot. Negaunee would take their first lead of the night after a Nelson three found it’s way in the hoop, Miners led 5-4. MacPhee continued to dominate as she would score yet again. Siena Lingle would steal the ball and on the other end she would get fouled, Lingle would go 1/2 on her trip to the charity stripe. To finish off the first quarter of play Cora Anderson would score, giving Marquette the 9-7 lead going into the second.

End of 1st: Marquette 9, Negaunee 7

Second Quarter: The second quarter would start with an Alyssa Hill and-one shot and she would make the free throw, completing the three point play, Negaunee led 10-9.  Julia Ott would travel which led to a bucket from Negaunee’s Ella Mason. In the next possession it was a scramble for the ball as Lilly Nelson stole the ball but Julia Ott would steal it back and the Redettes would give it back to the Miners which resulted in Summer Dudo scoring, Marquette trailed 9-14. MacPhee got her 8th points of the night when she scored. Negaunee would snag the 15-11 lead when Alyssa Hill found her way to the free throw line and went 1/2. Lingle would lose the ball but Marquette retained possession and MacPhee capitalized with a two point basket, Marquette trailed 13-15. The first half of basketball would end with a shot from Ella Mason and the Redettes trailed 13-17 going into the final half of play.

End of 2nd: Marquette 13, Negaunee 17

Marquette Battles the Miners
Marquette Battles the Miners

Third Quarter: Marquette came out of the gates with a turnover which Summer Dudo would capitalize on and gave Negaunee the 19-13 lead. Marquette answered as the points only continued to roll for MacPhee as she got another shot to go. Negaunee just kept on answering Marquette’s baskets as Emily Gauthier scored giving the Miners the 21-15 lead. Maria Millado wold get fouled and she went a perfect 2/2 at the free throw line. Millado would get a Lebron-like block on the defensive end but Ella Mason would score later in the possession. Marquette would match that bucket with a made shot on the other end. Marquette fell behind 19-26 when Ella Mason hit a shot from downtown and Negaunee began to gain major momentum. Marquette would turn the ball over and the Miners would make them pay with a bucket on the offensive end. MacPhee would cut the lead to 21-30 when she answered Negaunee’s shot with one of her own. The third quarter started run away from the Redettes as to the finish the quarter the Miners went on a 7-0 run.

End of 3rd: Marquette 21, Negaunee 37

Fourth Quarter: The final quarter of play started with a wild shot from Lingle which cut the deficit down to 14 for Marquette. Zoe Smith would poke the ball loose forcing a turnover which led to Millado going to the free throw line, she would go 1/2. Hill of Negaunee would get another and-one to go but this time around she missed the free throw, Marquette trailed 24-39. The Marquette offense continued to run through MacPhee as she scored yet again. The Redettes would find themselves down 43-26 after Hill scored and Mason scored on the next possession. Millado got a three point play after getting the and-one shot and then she completed it with a free throw. Marquette entered a 1-2-2 press to try and get some pressure on Negaunee to make a comeback. Cooper Atkins would get the final points for the Miners and extended the lead to 45-29. The final points of the game would come from Addyson Saunders when she got fouled and went 1/2 from the line.

Final Score: Marquette 30, Negaunee 45

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Next Game: The Redettes are back in action on March 2nd when they face the winner of Alpena/Gaylord in the MHSAA District Semifinal! Michael Williams will have the call live on Fox Sports Marquette 99.9-105.1!