Marquette Redettes basketball loses 53-40 at Negaunee on WFXHD2

The Redettes Huddle Up

Marquette. MI December 14, 2021 – The Marquette Redettes basketball team lost to Negaunee 53-40 on the road. Michael Williams had the call from Negaunee on WFXHD2.

1st Quarter:

The Redettes fell behind 0-2 right out of the gate but they quickly tied it right back up after Meghan MacPhee went 2/2 from the free throw line. Meghan MacPhee continued to get buckets for the Redettes as she drained a three to cut the lead a little more. Madison Smith of the Miners quickly answered with her own three. Siena Lingle got a two to cut the lead towards the end of the first quarter of action.

End of 1st: Marquette 10, Negaunee 13

The Redettes Huddle Up
The Redettes huddle up

2nd Quarter:

Maria Millado instantly got it started on defense to start the second when she stole the ball. On the other end of that steal, Cora Anderson got the shot to go for two. Zoe Smith got her first points of the night when she drained a shot from beyond the arc. The Redettes got the lead when Millado went 2/2 from the line. Cora Anderson prevented the Miners from scoring when she rejected a shot. The Redettes extended their lead to 21-18 when Zoe Smith hit yet another three.

End of 2nd: Marquette 23, Negaunee 23

3rd Quarter:

The Redettes fell behind quickly to start the second half as they trailed 23-28. The Miners were hot from the field and the Redettes had to find an answer. Millado drove in to the paint to get a bucket and bring her team closer to taking the lead. Zoe Smith hit her third three of the night to cut the lead even more. Millado got the board off of a missed free throw and MacPhee put up a shot but got blocked by Alyssa Hill. Millado cut the lead to 34-35 when she got the and one and made the free throw.

End of 3rd: Marquette 34, Negaunee 37

The Miners huddle up during timeout
The Miners huddle up during a timeout

4th Quarter:

Millado continued her strong night from the free throw line as she went 2/2 to start the final quarter of action. She would get to the line again and make the first but miss the second, ending her perfect night from the free throw line. Ella Mason of Negaunee drained a three and the game started to get out of hand for the Redettes as they fell behind 10. The Redettes went cold to end the game and with not too long to go they were down 51-40.

Final Score: Marquette 40, Negaunee 53

NEXT GAME: The Marquette Redettes basketball squad will come back from Christmas Break to take on the Flivvers of Kingsford, in Kingsford on January 6th at 7:30 p.m.