Marquette Girls Take The Win Against Kingsford 39-31


Kingsford, MIFebruary 10, 2023The Marquette Redettes  travel to Kingsford on Friday night. Luke Ghiardi was on the scene for Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 – 99.9!


To start off the game Meghan MacPhee hit a shot and got the team their first two points. The Flivvers set up in a match up zone, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Redettes from scoring. Marquette hit the first three point of the game making the score 9-1. Kingsford answered back and got themselves a three as well. The Flivvers took the first lead of the night with one minute left on the clock. Julia Ott hit her second three of the game to end off the quarter, giving Marquette back the lead.

Marquette:13 Kingsford:10

The second quarter got started with a right handed layup from Julia Ott that helped put her into double digits. Marquette came out in a full court press that forced a turnover that helped them gain another two points. The Redettes continued to hold onto their lead, 19-17.  Both teams played with great effort to keep it a close game.  Kingsford took the last shot of the half, but it was no good. Marquette headed into the second half with the lead.

Marquette:22 Kingsford:17

The Flivvers started the second half with back to back threes to take back their lead. Marquette tried to find an answer as the Flivvers continued to play a 2-3 zone, but struggled to find one. Kingsford outscored Marquette 10-2 in the third quarter.  Marquette managed to hang on, they trailed by 3 going into the fourth quarter.

Marquette:24 Kingsford:27

Kingsford started the fourth with yet again, another three pointer. Anderson got an offensive rebound that helped get Marquette back in the game. Kingsford lead by one with four minutes left. MacPhee didn’t back down and got the three point play for the Redettes, giving them back the lead. Marquette took a six point lead with less then two minutes to go. Kingsford tried to fight back, but it wasn’t enough to defeat the Marquette girls. The Redettes finished with a win on the road, 39-31.


The Marquette Redettes are back in action at home 02/16 at 7:00pm as they take on the Houghton Gremlins.