Marquette Girls Fall Short To Petoskey 53-43


Marquette, MI February 27, 2023The Marquette Redettes took on the Petoskey Northmen for the district quarterfinals. Luke Ghiardi was on the scene for Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 – 99.9!

The Northmen got the first two points to start the game. Meghan MacPhee answered back and got the first two points for Marquette. The Redettes had many great looks, but couldn’t get them to fall. Petoskey continued to push their lead, making it 11-2 halfway through the first quarter. Marquette found an extra point from the free throw line that put a stop to their scoring drought. They got a quick steal right after that cut Petoskeys lead to six.

Marquette:5 Petoskey:11

Petoskey continued to fight, causing Marquette to struggle. Anderson made a big play for the Redettes in efforts to cut the lead.  Petoskey stayed on top 26-14 with three minutes left in the half. MacPhee managed to score another two points for the team. A tough quarter for Marquette, sent them into halftime down 13.

Marquette:17 Petoskey:30

To start the third quarter, Marquette got a stop and a score. Anderson got the the team another bucket shortly after. Julia Ott made her way to the free throw line, scoring another two points. Another two points from the free throw line got Marquette back within single digits. Marquette got a steal and a bucket and trailed by seven. The Northmen continued to have a great game and made it hard for the Redettes to come back. Marquette out scored Petoskey 16-10 in the third quarter.

Marquette:33 Petoskey:40

Petoskey pushed their lead to ten to start the fourth. Both teams continued to score and made it hard for Marquette to take the lead. MacPhee sunk another set of free throws for Marquette. Petoskey led by 13 with under a minute to go. Marquette got the ball back and hit a three to cut the lead down to nine. The basket was not enough and Petoskey took the win to advance to the next round of playoffs.