Marquette Senior High School Hockey Vs Escanaba Eskimos, 2-1

Marquette Hockey

Marquette, MI November 28, 2023 The Marquette Senior High School hockey team  plays their first home game this season after traveling all over the upper Michigan area. John Thomsen and Joe Gaffney live on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9!

1st Period: Marquette won the flip and started the game hot; shooting four shots right away. Escanaba blocked all of them, until Brody makes the first goal with 8 minutes left in the period. Afterward, both teams fought for the puck until the end of the first.

2nd Period: Escanaba comes up on the ice, but the passes don’t connect. It was a really close match. 5 shots from Marquette, 4 from Escanaba. Carter faces a hard hit from Moyer. Then Braun scores for Escanaba, tieing up the score at 4 minutes left. The first penalty of the game was called for a high stick on Escanaba. More shots are taken, but not scored.

3rd Period: Lots of water on both sides of the ice. Marquette shoots. Block. Save. Rebound. Repeat. Escanaba gets the puck, but does not score. Carter then picks up the puck in the neutral zone, shooting it to Tucker Welsh who scores the goal, his first of the year. This puts Mar1quette in the lead. They then get their first penalty at 6:01 for interference. The last few minutes were exciting, getting passed into both zones, but no goals were scored.

FINAL: Marquette 2 – Escanaba 1

Come back this Friday, December 1st when the Marquette Senior High School hockey team plays their 5th game this season against Saginaw Heritage. The Elder Agency Pregame show will start at 5:30 pm with John Thomsen and Joe Gaffney on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9!