Tuesday Night Ladies High School Basketball – Marquette Redettes (57) VS Gladstone Braves (45) on 97.5 GTO 1/17/2017

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Marquette, MichiganJanuary 17th, 2017 – While Governor Rick Snyder was delivering his 7th State of the State Address the Marquette Redettes were at home at Marquette Senior High School taking on the Gladstone Braves. The Redettes defeated the Braves 57-45 on Good Time Oldies 97.5 GTO.

It was the Redettes’ ball throughout the first quarter of action. The Marquette Redettes managed to stay on top of the Gladstone Braves early in the quarter. A foul was called on Hannah Bulinski and the game was tied with 1:30 left in the first quarter, 9-9 Redettes and Braves. A rebound by Amber Huebner and she lost the ball with 56.3 seconds left in the first quarter. 12-11 the Redettes trailed the Gladstone Braves. After one quarter of play the Braves were on top of the Redettes, 15-11.

17-15 and the Redettes were back on top in the second quarter over the Gladstone Braves. Sasha Warchuck checked into the game for Maureen Hiller. 20-19 was the score with 4 minutes left in the second quarter with the Redettes maintaining a lead over the Gladstone Braves. The ball did go back to the Braves as Ellie Hicks stole it. Amber Huebner had 8 points in the first half! With 41.4 seconds left in the second quarter the Braves lead the Redettes, 26-24!

29-26 as the Braves were on top over the Redettes in the second half from Marquette Senior High School. The Gladstone Braves were then up by 5 points, 31-26. A lose bound foul was on Claudia Hail as the Braves lead the Redettes 33-31 in a 2 point game. With 2:14 left in the third quarter the Redettes and Braves were tied up 35-35. The Redettes were on top over the Gladstone Braves, 40-38 on Good Time Oldies 97.5 GTO.

With 6:10 left in the fourth quarter the score was 40-39 with the Redettes on top over the Gladstone Braves on Good Time Oldies 97.5 GTO. A great defensive play by the Redettes as Taylor Hunter inbound the ball! 52-41 was the score, the Redettes leading the Braves. The Marquette Redettes win the game 57-45 over the Gladstone Braves!

LISTEN – FULL GAME – The Marquette Redettes pull another win over the Gladstone Braves 57-45 on Good Time Oldies 97.5 GTO.mp3

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