The Marquette Redettes(49) Basketball Team Faces the Petoskey Northmen(26) in Game Two of the District Playoffs


Marquette, MIMarch 2nd, 2017 – In the second game of the District Playoffs, the Marquette Redettes were set to face the Petoskey Northmen. The Redettes had home-court advantage, and that allowed them to jump out to an early lead. Play was a bit chippy in the first quarter, but that allowed Marquette to utilize their free-throws to increase their lead even further. In the last minute of the first quarter, the Redettes continued to rule the court with an 18-5 lead, and they would hold that significant advantage going into the second.

First Quarter Score
Marquette Redette: 18
Petoskey Northmen: 6

Holding a big lead going into the second quarter, the Marquette Redettes had the district finals in their sights as they led the Petoskey Northmen 18-6 after the first. The explosive play for the Redettes continued, and they advanced their score to 28-6 three minutes into the second quarter. Fouls again started to pile up for the Northmen, and all the extra point shots gave Marquette a 31-8 advantage with three minutes left in the first half. The Redettes were able to score another two points before the first half ended, and that brought their lead to 22 points.

First Quarter Score
Marquette Redette: 33
Petoskey Northmen: 11

The Marquette Redettes were dominating their game against the Petoskey Northmen, and after the first minute of the second half, they were able to increase their lead even further. Petoskey used their halftime break to regroup, and that allowed them to step-up their defense. With Marquette having a more difficult time scoring points, the Northmen narrowed the score gap down to 16 points. Each basket for Marquette was answered by Petoskey, and with just under a minute left in the third, it was 40-20.

First Quarter Score
Marquette Redette: 40
Petoskey Northmen: 20

With just one quarter of play remaining, the Marquette Redettes just had to avoid any serious mistakes in order to take home the win. Petoskey seemed defeated going into the final quarter, but the game wasn’t over yet. Basket after basket fell for the Redettes, and midway through the final quarter, they pulled their starters, looking toward their next game. With two thirty left to play, the game was in the hands of the Redettes, and nothing seemed to be able to stop them.

First Quarter Score
Marquette Redette: 49
Petoskey Northmen: 26

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