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Negaunee Miners Make It To Regional Finals With 14-1 Win Over Kingsley

Negaunee, MI – The Negaunee Miners Varsity Girls Softball team beat the Kingsley Stags 14-1 in Negaunee for the Regional Semifinal this afternoon on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9.

It was a fast-moving game at the start, though the first two innings saw no score. Negaunee took up the bat first and, with a runner on base, relinquished the top of the inning with no runs. A quick double play to follow at the bottom of the first gave the Miners their first two outs. They closed out the first inning in short order.

The second inning shaped up the same as the third. No runs for Negaunee at the top, but 1-2-3 outs at the bottom kept the game at 0-0.

The Negaunee Miners dugout!

With runners on first and third and two outs, Negaunee was poised to bring at least one home. A wild pitch brought Larissa Anderson in do to just that for the first score of the game. Shortly thereafter another Stags error brought home Katelyn Lammi for a 2-0 Miners lead.

The bottom of the third had the Stags produce the first hit of the ball game. A blistering out on second base kept Kingsley from getting in position for a score. The Miners closed out the third inning protecting their 2-0 lead.

The Miners got their first hit of the game off of a single from Mykenna Kontio. Kontio stole second soon after but, in spite of Negaunee getting in position to score, the Stags nabbed the third out to keep their deficit at 2-0.

Kinglsey had a bit of a Renaissance in the bottom of the fourth. The Stags loaded up the bases with only one out in the books. A quick pep talk for pitcher Abby Nelson produced a strike out to improve to two outs for a short reprieve for the Miners.

The Stags warm up!

A little hiccup from Negaunee sent a Kingsley runner home, however. The Miners were able to close out the inning though, and kept the lead at 2-1 over the Stags.

Hannah Voskuhl cracked a double at the top of the fifth. She found her opening as she slid into home underneath a bad throw shortly thereafter. The Miners sent one more runner home for a score of 4-1 before the Stags closed out the first half of the inning.

Skyler Hall stepped in as pitcher for Negaunee at the bottom of the fifth. Negaunee made quick work of the inning to move into the top of the sixth, and that much closer to a Gladstone match-up later in the afternoon.

The sixth inning saw no score. Kingsley set up runners at the corners for one of their last chances to tighten their deficit. The Miners closed out the inning before the Stags could find their way home though.

Hannah Voskuhl opened up the top of the seventh inning by firing off a base hit. Abby Nelson followed that up with an inside-the-park home run to send herself and Voskuhl home to improve to 6-1 lead over Kingsley.

The Stags tried to stop the bleeding, but couldn’t get that last out in a timely fashion. Negaunee treated the home plate like a revolving door, improving to 14-1 before closing out the game and leaving the Stags in the dust.

The Negaunee Miners will follow up their win over the Stags with a head-to-head against Gladstone in Regional Finals play on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9.

Listen to a recording of the live broadcast.

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