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Negaunee Miners District Champs With 7-0 Win Over Calumet Copper Kings

Negaunee, MI – The Negaunee Miners Varsity Boys Baseball team defeated the Calumet Copper Kings with a score of 7-0 to become your District Champions this sunny Saturday afternoon. Tyler Young and Travis Nelson made the call on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9.

The District Championship clash started with a scoreless first inning. Calumet did look poised to get on the board with two runners on base and just one out recorded. Negaunee was able to shut the Copper Kings down, however, with a double play.

Copper Kings at bat.

The second and third innings slipped by with no score. The Copper Kings did make things interesting at the bottom of the third as they began to stack the bases with two outs on the books. Negaunee stifled Calumet again, however, as the Miners nabbed the third out before the Copper Kings could do any damage.

The fourth inning heated up for the Negaunee Miners. The top of the fourth saw a changing of the guards for the Copper Kings as Dan Tarnowski tapped in as pitcher for Trever Hendrickson. Negaunee remained unfazed as both Alex Munson and Adam Ogea made it home to break the scoreless spell for a 2-0 lead.

The bottom of the fourth looked promising for Calumet as they stacked the bases over and over again. The Miners tagged Sam Erkkila out at home and then followed up with an incredible double play to protect their score of 2-0 over the Copper Kings.

The top of the fifth proved just as productive for the Miners as the fourth.

Jason Waterman was sent home after getting on base as things continued to heat up. Logan Fish followed shortly thereafter for a 4-0 lead as Negaunee’s momentum threatened the Copper Kings’ survival.

Negaunee followed up in the bottom of the inning with three outs in rapid succession to wrap up the fifth handily.

The Negaunee Miners defeated the Calumet Copper Kings to win the District Championship!

The sixth inning saw no change in the score. Negaunee started the final inning of the championship with their 4-0 lead still intact.

The Copper Kings had their work cut out for them by the time the Miners got done with their final at bat of the game.

Carter Richardson, Alex Munson, and John Laurin were all sent home to seal the deal with a 7-0 championship-winning lead as Calumet tried unsuccessfully to make something happen in the bottom of the seventh.

The Negaunee Miners Boys Baseball team are your District Champions and will head to Regionals next Wednesday. Check back in with Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 for baseball and softball updates in the coming week.

Listen to a recording of the live broadcast.

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