Marquette Rolls Past Alpena (77-47)


Marquette, MI – December 9, 2022 – The Marquette Redmen tipped-off against the Alpena Wildcats in their home opener on Friday night. Live on Foxsports Marquette 105.1-99.1!

Q1: Alpena wins the tip and scores immediately. Jaxon Jurmu makes a 3 for Marquette within seconds of getting the ball. Hard defense by both team and a travel by Alpena. A push off by the Redmen gives Alpena the ball back. Tucker Bright makes a contested 3 for Alpena to put them up. Marquette strikes with a 3 of their own. Another 3 for Marquette after it rolls in. Marquette has only shot 3’s so far in the 1st quarter. Marquette’s defense has caused another travel. Jurmu has hit his second 3 of the night. Jacob Macphee slams it down after a Marquette rebound. Wyatt Lakenen score his 3 of the night for the Redmen. Alpena continues to score inside the paint to keep up with Marquette.

Marquette-20  Alpena-14

Q2:Marquette starts the quarter with the ball. Marquette turns it’s over but get the ball back immediately and scores in transition. The Redmen gets another steal and shoot a 3 in transition. Alpena goes to the free throw line, would miss both free throws, and get called for being over the line. Macphee misses his first 3 of the night but the put back would be good. Kyle Sager would score in transition for the Redmen. Marquette is up 17 points with 3 minutes left. Alpena goes to the line for the second time of the night and would make both this time. Then Marquette would go to the line for the first time time tonight and would go 1 for 2. Jurmu would get an and-1 in transition and make the free throw. Marquette would commit their 9th foul to send Alpena to the line and Tucker Bright would go 1 for 2 from the line. A travel turns the ball over for Marquette and that would end the first half.

Marquette- 41   Alpena-21

Q3:Marquette would start with the ball in second half. Jurmu would score first for the Redmen to start the half. Wyatt Lakenen hits his 4th 3 of the night for Marquette on the next possession. Macphee gets 2 blocks in succession. Marquette continues to run the floor. Marquette misses 3 shots in a row but would comeback and make a 3 in transition after a Alpena made shot. Marquette decides to slow down the tempo in the second half. Jurmu goes to the rack hard would make a tough shot. Marquette would make a sub the whole lineup out. A couple missed shots and turnovers by both teams would end the quarter.

Marquette-54   Alpena-34

Q4: Alpena would start with the ball. The first few possessions of the quarter both teams would go back and forth missing shots. Marquette would go to the line and make both free throws. Jurmu would get the steal and score off the turnover. Jurmu with another score after a Alpena turnover. Bright goes to free throw line and would go 2 for 2 from the line. Lakenen scores for Marquette and would be the first score that isn’t a 3 for him tonight. All the top scorers would leave the game for Marquette. Logan Peterson goes up with a lot contact and would score. Marquette and Alpena would exchange shots to end the game.

Marquette-77    Alepena- 47

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